King Edward VI College students


Thursday 23rd January to Friday 31st January ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of work by the students of King Edward VI College.


Camphill Devon


Sunday 2nd February to Saturday 8th February ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily except Sunday 10:30am – 3.30pm


2020 is an exciting year for Camphill Devon (a residential home for adults with learning disabilities)as it is our 40th Anniversary.   

Our exhibition of art and craftwork will be celebrating people's abilities and creativity. We are a collection of artists with learning disabilities, who live at Camphill Devon We work in various workshops where we learn and produce art and craft work in any different mediums. We work in, pottery, woodwork, textiles, metal and glass, paint, pencil, print and collage. Our work has a unique style and we hope you like it?

Selling the items we make helps us to recoup our material budgets and raise money for the charity.




Sunday 9th February to Saturday 15th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


This exhibition presents an opportunity to see some of the outstanding prints that have been produced by the pupils of celebrated local printmaker, Sarah Morris at Teignmouth Arts Action Group community centre (TAAG). Each week two enthusiastic groups explore the fascinating practice of relief printmaking using both wood and lino cuts.

Participants learn a method known as reduction block printing. This is a process complicated by the fact that what you cut away from the block is revealed when you print. This requires a good deal of forward planning! It is rather like approaching an image as a negative of what you want in the end. Then the palette of colours is planned and mixed and each one applied carefully in stages as sections are cut away. As each layer of ink is added and the colours overlay each other, the print gains an organic quality, as the oil based high pigment inks build up a rich surface. Each print is unique with rich satisfying tones.

So why ‘The Wooden Spoon Press’? The whole process is very low tech, as the students do not use a mechanical press; but instead they just burnish the back of the paper with a wooden spoon to transfer the ink from the block onto the paper.

This process is accessible and satisfying for people of all degrees of skills and expertise. Many have built up their skills over several years, and now produce work of a very high artistic quality.

Emma Carter Bromfield


Monday 17th February to Saturday 22nd February  ~ 10am - 4pm daily


Emma Carter Bromfield will be exhibiting at Birdwood House following on from her successful show last year. Her return Totnes will see a large collection of new originals and limited edition fine art pictures expressing wild sea and skies of Devon and the South West particularly Burgh Island where she can call home.

Her expressive unique style has earned her a growing reputation for the last few years and has been collected by a growing bank of local followers and collectors on foreign shores. It promises to be an exciting and worthwhile show.

Emma will be present in the gallery everyday

Harry Sowden


Monday 24th February to Saturday 29th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Harry Sowden worked as an Architectural Photographer photographing anything from a site model to an oil rig.

His work included documenting the construction of the Sydney Opera House, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Lloyds Building (London).

Along the way he found his own subjects resulting in a diverse range of photographs.

His interest in the Arts led to his seeing sculpture in found materials that in turn led to bronzes.

A combination of photographs and sculpture produced a new way of seeing.

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