Totnes Arts Society


Monday 24th June to Saturday 29th June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of work by the members of The Totnes Art Society.

Over the river and through the woods

Photography by Nicky Sheppard and paintings by Amanda Brooks


Sunday 30th June to Saturday 6th July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily except Sunday 11am – 3pm and Saturday closing at 4pm


Our exhibition is based on a collection of photography, sketches and paintings made over the last year on various excursions together, particularly to the Dart Valley, Slapton Ley and Sharpham.

Works arise from a shared love of the countryside and respond to the colours, shapes and textures observed during the year, interpreted literally and sometimes in a semi abstract manner. The exhibition celebrates and draws attention to the natural world.

Nicky uses both black and white and colour photography often focusing on the movement of water or the play of light on leaves as well as atmospheric land and seascapes.

Amanda paints in oils and acrylics, sometimes using gold leaf, focusing on landscapes and the wildlife often tucked away and missed within it.


An exhibition of pieces by Matthew Lord


Monday 8th July to Saturday 13th July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


"The hand rests palm down on the table. There is no way of knowing if a fly is trapped beneath. One could have snuck in at the last moment. It could be keeping very still.

A train rushes by, the hem of a skirt catches on a railing, clouds dissipate, a cup of water is spilled, a voice at the end of a corridor and a whole host of magazines remain crisp in their racks.

The phone-call was arduous but contained less speaking than usual.

Sitting here now the entire street is visible and a warm breeze floats along it. The bell in the clock tower is moments away from striking and the hand has not moved from the table."


Matthew Lord is an artist from Devon who grew up in Stoodleigh on the edge of Exmoor. He is a graduate of Dartington College of Arts.

Having spent 30 years working in and around the underground music and art scene of the UK his earlier post-modern experiments were used primarily for album covers and events posters, as well as skateboard and tattoo designs.

The present collection displayed at this exhibition represents works from the last 3 years during which time the artist has been primarily focused on the discrete dramas that arise from creating tensions between colour, line and texture. Having foregone any formal sense of meaning in his work Matthew Lord invites the viewer to set aside their habitual desire to interpret in order that they might explore more deeply the process of engagement.

Paul Anderson, Rose Anderson, Jez Anderson and Pop Wilkinson

Cutting Shapes


Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th July  ~ 10.30am - 4.30pm daily except closing 3pm Sunday and 4pm Saturday


Be it with saws, chisels, scissors or metal hoops we are a group of artists who compulsively cut shapes.

Paul Anderson, on the saws and chisels, creates huge oak figurative Daybeds and Tables, small cupboards and extreme fruit dishes which all reveal an infectious preference for primitive construction, weathered and imperfect surfaces and visible repairs.

Rose Anderson, on the scissors, creates plant-form collages by cutting and arranging delicate shapes in ingenious ways. The results are vital and playful - evocative patterns that are both brilliant and beguiling.

Jez Anderson and Pop Wilkinson, working collaboratively under the name Popalini & Jezando, are on the metal loops and ribs, creating functional yet delicate pots which are often glazed with tin and erratic flashes of copper.


All four of us are inevitably influenced by the rugged landscape of the North Devon coast that surrounds us, where silhouettes of jagged rocks interrupt the sharp light that kisses the sea’s horizon and the wind blows all the trees sideways.

Island Artist 2019

Emma Carter Bromfield


Sunday 21st July to Saturday 27th July  ~ 10am - 4pm daily


Emma’s return to Totnes, following last year's successful and popular show, will see a large collection of new originals and limited edition fine art pictures expressing wild sea and skies of Devon and the South West particularly Burgh Island where she can call home.


Her expressive unique style has earned her a growing reputation for the last few years and has been collected by a growing bank of local followers and collectors on foreign shores. It promises to be an exciting and worthwhile show.


Emma will be present in the gallery everyday 10 til 4pm.

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