Christine Dodd


Monday 7th June to Saturday 12th June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


My work has been influenced by my career as a Carl Jung Analyst embodying the world of Jung’s research into the behaviour of the human  psyche.  I explore images that spring from the environment  and unconscious realms with plein air painting and sketches being a springboard towards a finished piece of art. All work sold is a unique expression of my creativity and no prints are reproduce. I live on the foothills of Dartmoor with the coast nearby. These locations give stimulus to my creative expression.  I largely paint in oils, acrylics and watercolour

I also have a love of Literature, Dance & Gardening

Elen Claire Williams MA

Just Passing Through


Monday 14th June to Saturday 19th June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily (closing 4pm Saturday)


Elen Claire Williams MA is a fine artist working in the genre of the British Walking Artists, specifically the Art of Slow Walking recording and interpreting her local South Devon landscape, principally between the moor and the sea, using a variety of mediums and visual languages. The artist commonly selects popular places at those solitary times where isolation from modern life encourages imagination, self-discovery and inner peace.


“I have succeeded in my aim when the glory of creation encourages people

to engage to celebrate and conserve the vanishing natural world on our

personal doorsteps.”


Beyond the decorative aspect of making art, the key issues of our times i.e. environmental issues and spiritual poverty, have become essential deeper elements in the artist’s work.  The artist seeks to raise the audiences’ awareness of the fragility of the environment and the need to actively become a participant in its conservation.  An interest in local history, local tradition, and personal faith are reflected in the narrative of specific series of artwork.


Sabbatical Musings

As 2000 arrived so did COVID

In one way the lock-down was a blessing

It meant a new way of being creative, being creative within a smaller space.

Reviewing archive discovering long forgotten artwork that offers a fresh approach for 2021 and beyond,

Making a new narrative beginning with assessing the timeline a retrospective journey that showed clear links over 20 years of development.


Contact:                       T:            01548 559396



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Sally Hunton, Helen Melland and Janet Mitchell


Sunday 20th June to Saturday 26th June  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


2021 is our fourth exhibition at Birdwood House since 2013. The three of us are still working away pursuing our own vision but coming together to present what we hope will be an interesting and thought provoking show.


Sally’s pictures often deal with fundamental issues considered from a female perspective. The impetus is usually a memory of a real event, place, conversation, a novel or poem. These develop into a meaningful image during a period of reflection.


Helen’s work portrays myriad recurring and often symbolic images from nature that emerge, evolve and re-emerge over a period of time. Her practice is an attempt to express feelings and experiences that are difficult to discuss coherently but that involve dream like or visionary states.


Janet’s collages use dyed and waxed fabrics stitched or knotted together sometimes figuratively in portraits or as abstract, balanced compositions. She has been looking at Japanese Boro work and the quilts of the Gees Bend patchworkers:  all making something new from old, worn fabrics. She is interested in the alchemy of creating something new from discarded and apparently useless material.


Julia Finzel and Bev Knowlden


Monday 28th June to Saturday 3rd July  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


Julia Finzel and Bev Knowlden are returning to Birdwood House with some thought provoking and intriguing prints, sculpture and paintings of animals and humans.

Bev Knowlden sculpts portraits in clay, capturing her subjects with a porosity and fragility. The resulting works can be unsettling, haunting, beautiful but always subtly peppered with personality.

Julia Finzel’s etchings and paintings invite the viewer to pause for thought and honour the sociable and sensitive beings that sustain them, in body and soul.

Both Artists invite curiosity and humour, as we see how similar we actually are.

Bev Knowlden had a piece of sculpture selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2019.

She is a member of the South West Sculptors Association & Totnes & Dartington Open Studios Group.

Julia Finzel is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Dartington Printmakers and The Double Elephant Print workshop.

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