Saturday 8th January to Sunday 30th January the Gallery will be closed.

The 2022 exhibitions will follow shortly.

John Platt


Monday 31st January to Saturday 5th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of work by John Platt


Elie Fruchter


Monday 7th February to Saturday 12th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


In this latest photographic exhibition, Elie Fruchter focuses on being outside, alone. With just one exception, all the people we see in these photographs are on their own, and without exception, all the pictures were taken spontaneously. Most of the scenes were captured locally in Totnes, with a few from London and Bristol.

The photographs in this collection date from 2015 to 2021,the bulk of them produced in black & white. In these photos Elie aims to convey the atmosphere that he feels is created by solitary figures in relation to their surroundings. This can be particularly vivid when a person's surroundings contain graffiti,as graffiti brings with it the haunting and enduring presence of a second unseen person - that being the owner of the graffiti itself.

Grafitti plays an important part in much of the work presented here, and the title of the exhibition - 'Be Gay, Do Crime' is taken from one such example of local graffiti included in this photographic exhibition by Elie Fruchter.

Opposite Banks

Ann Chester King and Judith Cockram


Sunday 13th February to Saturday 19th February  ~ 10am - 5pm daily except Sunday 12pm – 5pm


Ann Chester King and Judith Cockram like many creative people, in March 2021 were missing input, feedback and discussion with others about art. And like many during this time found themselves enrolling on an on-line course -something they could never have previously envisaged doing. By good fortune they both enrolled on St.Ives Art School of Painting ‘Abstracting Landscape A Sense of Place’ taught by abstract expressionist painter and tutor Liz Hough.

The course explored finding ways to express a sense of place through a minimal use of shape and line using collage, experimental drawing techniques and paint. A central part of the course was to choose a particular ‘place’, close to home. Judith’s choice was an area known locally as Longmarsh on the Totnes side of the River Dart and Ann’s an area of reed beds on the opposite side of the river.

Judith and Ann admire one another’s work and had thought about doing an exhibition together for a while, ‘Abstracting Landscape A Sense of Place’ provided the opportunity to do so. The exhibition ‘Opposite Banks’ has arisen from exploring two geographically very close but very different places. It provides the viewer with the opportunity to see how each artist has interpreted and undertaken the same course to produce two very different and distinct bodies of work.

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