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Ian Watson & Joanna Myerscough


Tuesday 13th April to Monday 19th April  ~ 10am - 4pm every day


Jo and Ian relocated to Devon from Yorkshire in 2017. They had exhibited widely across Yorkshire, and since being here, have exhibited at Artizan, Torquay and Flavel, Dartmouth as well as taking part in Devon Open Studios. Jo is a potter specializing in smoked ceramics produced in a bonfire, as well as domestic decorative slipware. Ian is a painter, working mainly in oils, but also in pastels and acrylics, concentrating on landscapes and nudes. During lockdown he has been using sketchbooks from travels abroad to produce paintings.


Shared Spaces

Belinda Ireland, Emma Roberts & Mhairi Treharne


Sunday 25th April to Saturday 1st May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily except Sunday 2pm- 4.45pm


Brought together through a year of reflective practice and mentoring at the Newlyn School of Art, the trio recognised a strong resonance between their works, each embedded in a sense of narrative, nostalgia and memory.

The exhibition brings together the artists’ natural resonating themes, from wistful affections for a sense of place, and the universality of common experiences, to the intangible elements of preciousness.

Ireland’s work explores colour and light, creating a harmonious, almost luminescent, relationship between her subjects. She treats the surface of her paintings as a collection of different hues and shapes that inform a mood and interlock into imagined narratives.

Treharne’s distinctive work uses thinly veiled glazes on plaques, dapples of pigment, wood singe marks and wire stitching. They are often multidirectional, allowing the freedom to explore and view them as you wish.

Roberts focuses her art practice on figurative works, reflecting on the importance of memory. She is intrigued by the universal phenomena of how preciousness becomes entwined in an object, why there is such clarity around some memories, and how the accumulation of moments forms us as individuals.

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Totnes & Dartington Open Studios


Monday 3rd May to Saturday 8th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


The Open Studios Group first formed in 2000 and is still going strong 21 years later. We now have over 30 members and normally open our studios and workshops to visitors at the end of May.

There will be around 20 artists showing their work at Birdwood - an interesting mix of painters, ceramicists, sculptors, print-makers, Illustrators and more...

This year we are hoping to have our Open Studios event towards the end of the year.

Frank Wotton


Sunday 9th May to Saturday 15th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily except Sunday 11am - 4pm


I have worked in various mediums, including Stained Glass, Etching and Screen Print, but now concentrate on Painting. The work is a mix of Figurative and Abstract, usually suggesting a subtext to the painted forms. Like the cave dwellers of the primitive past I paint what I observe. My paintings reference artefacts from the ancient world and fragments of historical and contemporary culture because this is the collage that surrounds us. Although I don’t necessarily believe in the content of myths, religious stories or fairy tales, I can’t help but admire their creative ingenuity. From the allegorical myths of the Greeks to the messages of medieval and Renaissance stained glass, through to the “Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab” of Sarah Lucas, the surface is not always the whole picture and it is left to the viewer to find their own narrative, or not.

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