Angela Fahey


Sunday 26th September to Saturday 2nd October  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


Images for my show are, unsurprisingly, influenced by the circumstances of the last 18 months - a time which has challenged one's usual experiences, initially with frustration but later by a calmer more reflective response.

While my work is always based on what I see it also embraces my emotional reaction to that situation and usually develops in an abstracted way which gives energy to the image.    Colour has always been a prime element in my life and artistic work and with inspiration coming from more interior views than exterior ones during lockdown my palette has been given free rein while buildings and furnishings provide tension and structure. Please come in with an open mind and enjoy!


Earth Matters

Diana Booth


Sunday 3rd October to Saturday 9th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


The South Hams, Devon, has been my home for many years. After a teaching career I returned to painting with renewed vision and energy exploring a vibrant approach to my art. I paint in a contemporary energetic style delighting in the flexibility, malleability and rich colour of oils. My work has evolved as I constantly strive to capture the essence of my subject and experiment with different approaches.

The rugged form and structure of the Devon coast and countryside are a constant fascination and travels abroad have been a powerful inspiration.

Climate change is having an increasing effect on our amazing world.  This was particularly brought home to me when I had a wonderful trip to Alaska in 2019.  This outstandingly beautiful environment with retreating glaciers reaching the sea was something I hadn’t witnessed before. I became freshly aware that wherever I visited,  whether family in New Zealand and Germany or our own delightful part of the country our ‘Earth Matters’ more than it has ever done. Then Covid struck, and with lockdown there was an increased awareness of birdsong, nature and the inspiration to be found on my doorstep. So finally, after more than a year’s delay I am able to put together my exhibition …   ‘Earth Matters’.



Facebook: Diana Booth Artist

Ken Gill


Monday 11th October to Saturday 16th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of work by painter and sculptor Ken Gill. For more information see Ken's website:

Mike Nuth


Monday 18th October to Saturday 23rd October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


The work will be mainly images of the human figure, but not straight representation; I play about with the images. Art from different cultures, prehistory and children's art appeal to me. I use simple, direct images and an approach perhaps universal.

The work will mainly have been produced during lockdown and uses cardboard from online deliveries and basic materials that were to hand. The work includes paintings, prints and cardboard constructions.

Sewing the Seeds

Liz Swinbank, Jan Andrews and Mel Freeland


Sunday 24th October to Saturday 30th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


We are three friends, Liz, Jan and Mel, with a common love of all things textile. As experienced stitchers we constantly seek to explore new ways to embellish cloth with colour and stitch. This exhibition collates our work and celebrates the many ways of taking plain fabric and turning it into colourful and covetable textile art.

Dying methods including, Procion dyes, cyanotype, eco and rust dying start the fabric transformation with further layers of colour added using paints, inks and printing techniques. As stitchers we embellish with both hand and machine embroidery to highlight design details acknowledging the beauty of the natural world around us.

Our theme, Sewing the Seeds of Love, may have started singing along to the chorus of a Tears for Fears song, but captures our love of nature in our daily lives. Foraging from hedgerows, eyes down beach combing, heads up bird watching, or sat with a coffee watching the bees, there is a lifetime of inspiration.

We hope that our wall art, home accessories, books, bags, purses and cards will convey how passionate we are about our art and how much fun we have working together.

Come and see how we blend our colours, techniques and materials to reflect our individual styles and express ourselves in stitch.

Torbay Woodturners Club


Monday 1st November to Saturday 6th November  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


The Members of Torbay Woodturners Club are delighted to be able to display their craftsmanship and skill here, at Birdwood House, for a second time. Like everyone else, we have had to endure the ravages of the past two years, though thankfully without too many casualties! The benefit of a hobby like woodturning in the current pandemic is that by-enlarge, we work alone. One or two members have been exceedingly prolific throughout 2020/21!

The range of work that can be produced on a lathe is astonishing. From a simple spinning top to a segmented hollow form, pens to lamps, a drawer handle to a piece of fine art, woodturning has something for everyone.

There are approximately 45-50 members on the books of TWC, from most age groups and backgrounds. We meet at 7:15pm on the first Tuesday of each month in the hall at The Church of the Sacred Heart, Cecil Road, Paignton. Where we enjoy the skills demonstrated by Professional or proficient woodturners about 8 or 9 times a year. The other few times we amuse ourselves by having a ‘hands on’ night where several members, occupying a lathe each, try to reproduce a piece of work whilst answering questions and helping the ‘beginners’ to get a good idea of how its done. If you fancy having a go at turning, come along to Birdwood House Gallery, have a chat, handle some of the woodturning, we look forward to seeing you.

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