Different Perspectives

Mandy and Malcolm Race


Monday 8th July to Tuesday 16th July  ~ 10am - 4.30pm daily except 10am - 12.30pm on Sunday 14th July
Private View Sunday 7th July 5pm - 7pm


Mandy and Malcolm Race moved to Totnes from East Yorkshire where they were lecturers at Hull School of Art and Design. Although their artwork comes from different perspectives, the underlying spirit of creativity binds them together. Mandy’s work is primarily figurative and concerned with the intricate detail of observation, while Malcolm’s is abstract and explores the visual language of colour, mark and composition.



contact Mandy on 07808 775749


contact Malcolm on 07561 738789

Are We There Yet

Emma Wright


Thursday 18th July to Saturday 27th July  ~ 10am - 4pm daily including Sunday 21st


Moments in time along the way


I have been interested in peoples ever longing for future holidays or destinations. I wanted to capture moments of time for me and hopefully reminiscent and evocative for others. I am still fascinated by water and the changing colours and mood created by weather, light, season and tide as well as drawing inspiration from landscapes and home.

I work in acrylics and collage and am based in the South hams.

Check out my work on instagram: Emmalouisewright97


Angela Fahey


Preview Sunday 28th July ~ 4pm - 6pm then Monday 29th July to Saturday 3rd August  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


Everything in this show began life in another form and has developed/been refocused using things from the plethora of stuff I have accumulated and squirreled away over the years. These things have been kept for a variety of reasons and include memorabilia - a record of the what, how and when of particular times or significance events – or because they might come in useful again!

While their utility may not have stood the test of time, it seems an appropriate moment to give some of this stuff a new lease of life by creatively repurposing in less obvious ways.

My self-imposed criteria for this endeavour has excluded buying any specific artefacts and my only outlay has been on various adhesives and some antirust spray paint!

Arthur Glendinning


Monday 5th August to Saturday 10th August  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Looking into my studio I saw jumbles of canvases, boxes of paints, sketchpads and paper, old frames I will never use, and heaps of brushes that look kindling. All that and an air of abandonment, time passing, all powdered with dust.

Then one day I didn't close the door and wander into the garden, instead I cleared a space and primed a canvas. The process begins:  ' art is work ' I remember reading in an artist's biography so I set to work planning and painting three new works.

Not without struggle and resistance, and several months of doubt, out of the chaos of my studio, I present them with other works that had a similar genesis.

Mostly landscape where I wander, river and sea and moor and sky.

Most of my work is rendered in Acrylic on canvas with a few on board.

I look forward to seeing you at Birdwood House and hearing your reactions.

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