A Solo Exhibition by Julia Finzel

Julia Finzel


Sunday 7th April to Saturday 13th April

Sunday       1.30pm to 4.30pm

Mon to Fri   10am to 4.30pm

Saturday     10am to 4pm


Julia Finzel is an Artist Printmaker and Photographer based in Brixham. A recurring theme in her work are animals, the natural world and man's relationship to them. Julia makes etchings, photo-etchings and also works in oil and watercolour. She is a member of Make South West and The Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. She printed at The Dartington Print Workshop for over 25 years before the closure in 2020. She has made handmade books of etchings and also published a Children’s book. Solo exhibitions include La Galleria Mnemoisine, Venice and The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.

An Artist’s Perspective

Barbara Nekola and Anne Doggett


Monday 15th April to Saturday 20th April  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


 Anne and Barbara both live in Devon and although they work independently of each other, they each create art that is very much from the heart.


 Whether their inspiration comes from the landscape and nature, or people and poetry, they both strip away realism revealing their individual response to the world around them, as seen through their eyes as artists


 Barbara Nekola

 As an artist, I am definitely not a slave to following my own style; instead I embrace creating art as a response to what I see and what I feel. 

 Painting intuitively (some might say taking a ‘Gung ho’ approach!) I take on each canvas as a new journey, discovering shapes, colour and narratives as I go.   Finding  inspiration in life and people around me, I abstract, distort and create images that say something to me and hopefully provoke thought and opinion in others.


 Anne Doggett

 If  had to sum up my artistic approach, I would say I am a reluctant introverted artist... which is hilarious when you meet me. I have tried to resist the urge to paint and question all the time what is the point of art and why do we need it in our lives? I have given up overthinking this and now realise its just an overwhelming desire to describe the world I live in through paint or any other medium I can lay my hands. No rhyme or reason, just a need to enjoy the process of painting.

Beyond The Visible

Jane Pine


Sunday 21st April to Saturday 27th April

Sunday 21st 1pm - 4pm

Monday 23rd to Friday 26th 10am - 4.45pm

Saturday 27th 10am - 4pm


Beyond the Visible is an exhibition of figurative paintings by award-winning artist Jane Pine. Her contemporary paintings empathetically depict the naked male figure. Inspired by personal experience, family relationships and historical stories, Jane interconnects narratives using precious artefacts, heartfelt letters and photographs. This serves as the inspiration for her work, bridging the past with the present through a profound journey of self- reflection and analysis. By exploring the experiences of three generations of male relatives, Jane has developed a personal understanding of the challenges surrounding men's mental health. Across different eras, she has observed the difficulties some men face in expressing their emotions and anxieties.


Using oil paint on canvas and board, her paintings sensitively depict emotional and psychological states through body language. The figures are detached, contained, and isolated within empty or abstract spaces. Naked, with only a piece of draped fabric offering solace, they convey a profound sense of men's intricate nature, balancing strength with internal vulnerability and fragility. Ultimately, her figurative paintings are intended to evoke an emotional response from the viewer to foster a sense of connection and empathy.


Jane exhibits widely in the South West, Manchester and London.



2021 Society of Women Artists Rosemary & Co Award

2017 Devon Artist Network Emerging Artist Award


Website janepine.com

Instagram @jane_pine_artist

Facebook @janepineart

Sarah Strachan


Monday 29th April to Saturday 4th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Sarah Strachan studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central St Martins in London, Exeter College and Dublin's National College of Art and Design before a freelance career in puppet-making for film, TV and theatre. She now paints from her studio in Devon, UK.

Sarah Strachan creates intuitive abstract images derived from a practice of regular drawing. A multitude of minute decisions, dismissing that line, developing further images from that line, seeking the balance of space and form that feels right.

The paintings are informed by the drawing, never trying to replicate the drawings but rather calling on the muscle memory of the hours spent with a sketchbook.

The work is instinctive, simple, conscious of not being overworked or laboured with a distinct bold colour palette.

Totnes and Dartington Open Studios


Sunday 5th May to Saturday 11th May  ~ 10am - 5pm (Sunday 12pm - 5pm)


Totnes & Dartington Open Studios group are delighted to be back at Birdwood Gallery. This group of artists was formed 24 years ago, starting as a small group of 20, and has grown from strength to strength.

37 local artists will be showcasing their work, as a taster for this year's Open Studios Event, which will take place at the end of May, Friday 24th – Monday 27th.

During Open Studios, the artists open their studios and workshops to the public, giving access to their creative worlds not normally seen by the public.

This exhibition at Birdwood Gallery will have an exciting collection of wide ranging work, including paintings, ceramics, sculpture, prints, illustration, textiles and collage.

George Birch


Monday 13th May to Saturday 18th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


My main areas of interest are landscape and still life photography often combined with found photographs, drawings, paintings and collage. The starting point for much of my work is the exploration of my immediate environment. These studies are then subjected to multiple processes and are combined with various media to produce digital composites, multiple exposures and photomontages.

As well as drawing inspiration from my immediate environment my work is also informed by my cultural interests including the surrealists, abstract expressionism, post 1945 Japanese photography, the beat generation, the punk/new wave movements and ambient/electronic music.

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