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Images & related Text 

by Christine Sweetman

(heartfelt & quirky observations & reflections inspired by the everyday) 

with guest Sculptor 

Richard Goldsmith MRSS

‘Vent’ collective ©


Sunday 25th February to Saturday 2nd March  ~ 10am - 4pm daily


Christine Sweetman photo/poems: My work has always been about exploring my emotions and reactions. I hope by exposing my losses and changes in my life it can encourage the audience to look at their own.


Richard Goldsmith sculptor: ‘VENT’ collective: finding a collective space to share the experience of being human in all its many forms; A collective space for sharing and seeking common experience and understanding, a space that has the power and energy to connect us. The ‘Vent’ series alludes to this.

Making Worlds


The Wish Fish


Sunday 3rd March to Saturday 9th March  ~ 10am - 4pm daily except Sunday 11am opening


“A simple tale, told at the right moment, transforms a person's life..." Ted Hughes


After 40 years of creating spectacular puppet theatre with groups in schools and communities around the world, Tony Gee has crystallised his practice in Making Worlds – The Creation Myth Puppets Handbook. This is a practical guide to make simple accessible puppets brought to life by Charlie Narewski Scullion's illustrations.

From the early days of making these shows produced by children and other groups, it was apparent that a certain magic was afoot. The sheer joy the creative act of being maker and performer brought to the participants was so infectious that whole school communities were changed by the experience. Our book is designed to open this magic to all creative educators, artists, puppeteers, play therapists, parents and of course, children as well.


“We can reignite the creative compassion of our communities if we think differently.” Ken Robinson


The Making Worlds Exhibition features Charlie's original illustrations, videos and highlights from Tony's long career plus storytelling and puppet-making workshops for schools and the community, which will create a mural of The Wish Fish across the week.



The High Street’s On My Mind

David Martin


Monday 11th March to Saturday 16th March  ~ 10am - 4.30pm daily


The buildings lining Totnes high street provide a visual history of architecture and building construction from the 15th century onwards. The route also takes in around 170 shops and businesses. But the narrow width of the street makes it all too easy to walk along, looking in shop windows or avoiding the traffic, and not notice the architecture or details of the upper storeys.

In 2010, I decided to draw and record the facades of both sides of the street from The Plains up to the Rotherfold. I used the drawings as the basis for a pair of posters of the whole street, and have since made a set of ten drypoint prints of the oldest section between the East Gate and The Narrows. The exhibition also includes drypoint and linocut prints of individual shops and workspaces in the town.

When then is now: Prehistoric Dartmoor

A solo show by artist Frances Staniforth


Monday 18th March to Saturday 23rd March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily open 10am - 4.15pm Saturday


This exhibition, When then is now, is all about my deep attachment and fascination for Dartmoor and its landscaped Bronze age remains. My research practice involves an exploration of ideas through a range of materials, alongside a study of museum artefacts and archaeological texts. As I wander amongst the round houses, cairns, stone rows and reaves, the presences of those who built them are palpable. We can only imagine the meanings that were ascribed to specific places, or surmise how the cultural, aesthetic and spiritual were integrated into the everyday life of a Bronze age community.

The artworks in the show range from drawings, prints, paintings, tiny ‘votive’ objects and poetry-prose. Recently I created an artist book which has integrated all of these processes.  Fragments is a limited edition of 26 books in loose leaf form. One copy is in the artist book collection at Plymouth University library. The concept of this book evolved out of my fascination for a tiny fragment of bracelet, which was one of the artefacts excavated from the Bronze Age burial cist on White Horse Hill, Dartmoor. 

My studio books and small votive objects will be on display. The book Fragments, zines, cards, framed and unframed work will be for sale. I look forward to conversations with you about your experiences and responses to Dartmoor.


www.francesstaniforthartist.com         @francesstaniforth7777

Frances has an MA ( Distinction) in Printmaking (Arts University Plymouth), and an MA in Art History (Open University).

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