Sandra Lissenden and Chantal Ashwell


Monday 23 April to Saturday 28 April  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


A harmonious exhibition of contemporary art by local artists Sandra Lissenden and Chantal Ashwell.   Impressionist and abstract work motivated by reactions to nature, mood and feeling will fill the gallery with fresh and stimulating pieces to challenge viewers’ imagination.

Julia Finzel, Bev Knowlden and Ian Millstone


Sunday 29th April to Saturday 5th May

11am - 4pm Sunday       10am - 5pm Monday to Friday      10am - 4.30pm Saturday 5th May


Julia Finzel is a printmaker, painter and photographer working from her studio in Brixham. Julia has always had a particular interest in animals and nature. There is often a narrative element to Julia’s work and a message. Julia is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Dartington Printmakers and The Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter. Julia has been printmaking with The Dartington Printmakers for over twenty years.


Bev Knowlden is a sculptor who has always been intrigued by the human form, especially faces. She works to find the very essence of the model and inject that quality into the clay. The finished sculptures are either fired or moulded  and cast in a variety of resins. She explores the boundaries of portrait and figurative sculpture in its traditional sense, with presentation of ideas that subvert the classical nature of her work, aiming at a more abstract outcome. Bev’s studio is  in Totnes.


Ian Millstone paints in oil on canvas. He studied stage management at R.A.D.A, then gave up his career in the theatre to concentrate on his painting. He studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College.

Ian’s work encompasses his belief in the guiding influence of spirit in our lives. His figurative and landscape paintings touch this aspect within us. He was born in Hackney.


Barbara Childs, Catherine Beetham and Carole Oldfield


Monday 7 May to Saturday 12 May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Exhibition of prints by three artists showing a range of techniques including collagraph, linocut, and woodcut.

All three artists, although very different are unified by their love of surface and pattern.

For more information please visit the artist's websites...

Barbara Childs www.barbarachilds.net

Catherine Beetham www.catherinebeetham.com

Paul Tora


Monday 14th May to Saturday 19th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


I have been painting in oils since 1998. My favourite theme is that of cities, especially Venice, created with lively, loosely-drawn figures that express both the light and the life of the city. My work frequently crosses the border between impressionism and expressionism with emphasis on the transcendent beauty of light and the inner stillness of the moment captured.


Lord of the Canal

An unmanned Gondola points it's way to a distant bridge at the end of a side canal. All traffic, even the great Vaporetto, makes way for the Gondola, which, far from its present use as a transport of leisure, started off as the transport of the most powerful and sometimes sinister Nobles of the Venetian Empire.

Press Gang Printmakers


Sunday 20th May to Saturday 26th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Press Gang is a lively group of printmakers based at Salcombe Art Club. Active for nearly 20 years, the group formed when Mike Glanville converted an old mangle and began to explore the creative possibilities. Now, with three presses in the studio, both relief and intaglio printmaking are in full swing during the weekly workshop sessions throughout the winter months. When the old sail-loft studio is transformed to an exhibition space for the summer, the pleasure of working in the home studios of those members who have a press adds a new and invigorating dimension.


Printmakers benefit from each other's company, sharing ideas and information as well as materials and equipment (everything - including the kitchen sink) and of course exhibitions.


The Collective Works exhibition at Birdwood House will include collagraphs, monoprints, lino cuts, wood cuts, etchings, monotypes and drypoints - techniques and images as diverse as the artists, but all sharing the universal principle of transferring an image to paper from a prepared plate to create an original work. Printmaking is a complex craft, with unpredictable results, which is all part of the appeal for artists with a taste for risk and invention.


Exhibiting artists include Alison Veazey, Caroline Barker, Claudia White, Delia Elliott, Gilly Cotter, Hilary Soper, Janette Jagger and Sue Stewart.




Monday 28th May to Saturday 2nd June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of work by the artist, designer and illustrator Dawn Shade. For more information on her work visit deerdawnart.co.uk


Dolly Kary


Monday 4th June to Saturday 9th June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


This exhibition is about recognising and celebrating the unknown.  I allow the creative process to unfold towards an unknown outcome. I find this tension between intention and process both exhilarating and daunting.  Staying present and curious to what each mark might reveal invites an inner-dialogue between the artwork and me.   


My chosen carriers for colour at the moment are wax and water.  The ancient art of encaustic wax has recently caught my attention and given me the thirst to venture into unknown territories.  The landscapes exhibited are the beginning of this journey.  Each one is of somewhere and nowhere. All are inspired by nature and the surrounding Devon countryside between moor and sea.


The abstract paintings are expressions of time and space.  A place I call “In the Between”.  The acrylic paint or natural pigments are carried in water and the processes of printing, scratching, painting, stamping and finally cutting and placing take me through the delicate moments of uncertainty through to the bold random ones of choice.  The evolution of the piece lies in the strata of layers as they are finally formed. 


As part of the exhibition I will be mark making while in the gallery with an open invitation to passers by to contribute to the process.  I thank all who trust the process and let go of outcome or ownership to be part of that particular moment of time and space.

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