Hazel & Philip Strange

Bees in a Landscape

Monday May 1st to Saturday May 6th ~ 10am – 4.45pm daily

Sunday 30th April 2pm – 4pm


South Devon is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the landscape, and within this landscape you can find a wealth of animal and plant life.

This new Exhibition entitled Bees in a Landscape is the result of a collaboration between South Devon Painter, Hazel Strange and Scientist, Philip Strange.   Hazel’s paintings of memorable views from the South West will depict the local landscape in all its glories.  Alongside the paintings, Philip’s photos will show some of the remarkable bees you might encounter in these locations.   We hope to make you aware of the variety, beauty and importance of these beneficial insects and to show how we can all support them.

There will be a Private View 12 – 2pm on Sunday 30th April, including Totnes women's choir Viva who will sing a selection of recently composed songs by Sheila Macbeth using poetry and literature on the theme of bees by Carol Ann Duffy, Rudyard Kipling, Vita Sackville-West and others.  These songs tell of stories and folklore in the bee world and the depth of passion and interest bees have inspired in writers.  Please contact Hazel or Philip if you would like an invitation.

Also there will be a “bee tour” in central Totnes during the week of the exhibition.  Please visit Philip's website for details.




Monday 8th May to Saturday 13th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

Sunday 7th May from 3pm - 6pm


An exhibition of Artists’ prints created by 15 printmakers based at Dartington

The idea of the subject came up long before the Brexit vote and the inauguration of Donald Trump, it has been quite a challenge for the group who have produced some thoughtful and provocative images.

We are donating a percentage of the money from sales to the local charity ‘luck of birth.org’ who work in Greece supporting refugee families.

The Preview will be on Sunday 7th May from 3-6pm , everyone is welcome.

Louise and Claudia Schmid

U R A Zoo

Monday 15th May to Saturday 20th May  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Local artist Claudia Schmid is joining with her sister Louise Schmid to bring an exciting and unusual exhibition to Birdwood House. Entitled U R A Zoo, the show will feature animals, birds and other creatures in ways that intrigue, surprise and amuse and leave us wondering: what, who  and where is the zoo?

Claudia's non-human creatures often suggest human traits and interactions while Louise seems more interested in the radical otherness of the natural world resulting in work of strange and haunting beauty.

While their styles are individual and different the sisters share a certain whimsical and affectionate humour and a deep honesty in their approach to art making, avoiding sentimentality and mere prettiness.


Claudia Schmid

For the show U R A Zoo with my sister Louise I am, as usual, playing around with role reversals, size exaggeration, ambivalence and bizarre behaviour of animals and humans as well as imaginary creatures. I am using a Rotring pen as well as inks and brushes, colour pencils and cut out illustrated images from Victorian magazines. These media enable me to explore the subject in a playful manner in order to create humorous, whimsical drawings with a touch of something darker often present.

As well as the drawings I will create a display of cut out figures that are up to no good doing monkey business.


Louise Schmid

Louise’s recent artwork visualises those warring ecologies and her attempt to enter the perceptual world of animals. Musing on strategies for growing rhizomes and “becoming animal”. Recent artwork is inextricably bound up with an astute critique of dominant  hierarchical structures (Darwinism).

U R A Zoo  consists of a wall mounted installation ( found objects; mixed media: pencil,  acrylic, ink, oil on paper/card). Her drawing process can be slow and  involve  several layers and transformations. A direct, comical  style often seems to belie the complexity of its subject matter. Working with the most elementary materials aids reducing artwork to its essentials and transcends technical constraints. Her aesthetic communication is deliberately ambiguous to foster the use of different interpretative codes by those who will encounter this work.

Louise Schmid is visual artist  based in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions at Briggait Art Space Glasgow, Rosenberg Gallery Zurich and  Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo.



Su Scotting and Sam Harrison

Magic Squares

Sunday 21st May to Saturday 27th May  ~ 10am - 4pm daily


Prizewinning artists Su Scotting and Sam Harrison (two members of the HIVE Art group) are starting from the position that every canvas is a Magic Square (or rectangle) on which something emerges out of nothing.

Magic squares are also a form of amulet and Su has chosen to focus on amulets as there is so much free floating fear around at the moment that she wanted to look both at the ways in which people have traditionally handled them and at the fears themselves. Her lively and intriguing mixed media paintings draw on ritual art from around the world.

Sam Harrison who trained at Chelsea College of Art has been poking around in secret and overlooked places. Her wry eye and fine line have produced a series of intimate drawings and watercolours of doorways, sheds and backstreets. A champion of the outsider, Sam brings her customary tenderness and warmth to the subject.

Lisa Class

Chinese Brush Painter and her students

Sunday 28th May to Saturday 3rd June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


I am a Chinese brush painter and teacher who works in a traditional Chinese style which dates back to 4000BC. 

I first encountered this method of painting whilst recuperating from an illness ten years ago and have been very fortunate to have been taught by the country’s leading Chinese brush painter Xiao Bai Li. It fuelled a passion in me to paint and I couldn’t wait to get well enough to start learning this technique.

The materials I use include xuan paper, Chinese ink, Chinese brushes and watercolours.

My work ranges from painting the “four gentlemen”, bamboo, chrysanthemums, orchids and blossom to landscapes which use the reaction of xuan paper, water and ink for effect.

Once a painting is finished I follow the traditional method of backing the painting. Using a hake brush, a glue paste is spread evenly over the back then another sheet of xuan paper is applied and all the edges are glued together.  Then the painting is carefully lifted and placed face up onto a board where it is left for 3 days.

Whilst working on the more traditional subject of Chinese brush painting, I am also beginning to explore a more abstract style.

I am passionate about teaching this style and am so excited that some of my students will be exhibiting with me at this exhibition.

This is the first exhibition that most of my students have entered. They have been practicing Chinese Brush Painting with me for a minimum of 6 months up to 3 years.  They all have busy lives and this is not their main occupation, we just have a bit of fun once a month…


Chinese Brush Painting WORKSHOP

There will be a Chinese Brush Painting Workshop on  Saturday 3rd June 10am-12.30pm Birdwood House, all ages and experience welcome and all materials will be provided, cost £20.  To book your place please contact Lisa on 01803 812249 or lisa@lisaclass.co.uk

Raphaela Cooper

Sunday 4th June to Saturday 10th June ~ 10am - 4pm

Sunday 4th June 10.30am - 3pm


Following the publication of my book “Radiant Rainbow” this Easter time, I am showing the 13 large pictures from the book in this exhibition. Each picture is based on a particular colour-lilac, turquoise, golden yellow, purple, indigo, light green, emerald, etc and each of the stories is woven round the mood and atmosphere created by the colour. The novelty of these paintings is that they are created using plant colours developed in Switzerland. They have such subtlety and life and I so enjoyed using them.

My book will also be on sale as well as a collection of cards.

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