Dean Prior Life Drawing Group

Summer Exhibition

Sunday 18th June to Saturday 24th June 10.00 am - 4.45 pm


Now in its eighth year at Birdwood Gallery, this exhibition celebrates the creative talent of the Dean Prior group of artists. Mainly centred on studies of the figure in quick response style sketches, but also some longer observed work, all produced throughout the year.  The work on display represents the individual artist’s responses to the live model. The variety and originality of work produced as always makes this a popular exhibition.

All work will be for sale.

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Emma Childs


Monday 26th June to Saturday 1st July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Emma Childs is an Award winning professional Artist based in Devon UK. She has always been passionate about Art and painting since early childhood. Coming from a highly artistic background coupled with a natural ability to draw and paint. Emma has gained recognition for her talents over the years enabling her to make a full time career from her Art. One of the best decisions she ever made as her career has gone from strength to strength.

 Emma exhibits her Art on a regular basis both Nationally and Internationally. As well as exhibiting locally, she also exhibits her work in and around London with The Culthouse Gallery, Chester Art Fair including a selection of her work which was chosen to be exhibited Art Monaco in Monte Carlo. Emma is represented locally by Studio 71 Art Gallery in Totnes and has a permanent display of original paintings for sale at The Grand Hotel in Torquay.

Commissioned on a regular basis her customers are based both Nationally and Internationally and her work has been collected from buyers worldwide. Emma gives Art demonstrations and classes throughout 2017.

This exhibition focuses on how beautiful our natural world can be, highlighting nature in all it's glory surrounded by incredible trees, seas and magical light. Learning to work with the changes we face when we alter the natural balance of life and the consequences we must face when the natural balance is upset.

This series of paintings captures nature at it's finest whilst highlighting the contrariety that occurs when human beings interfere.

The exhibition is in support of The Woodland Trust and Greenpeace.

Totnes Art Society 32nd Annual Exhibition


Monday 3rd July to Saturday 8th July ~ 10.00am - 4.45pm daily, Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm


While the optional theme this year for exhibitors may be "Red", which surely gives members plenty of scope for inspiration, the exhibition will as always feature artworks covering a wide range of subject matter and styles - last year's exhibition featured more than 80 artworks from more than 20 painters. All the works on display will be available to buy, with cards for as little as £2.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to vote for their favourite: Chairman Mike Bonney comments "We find that many visitors like the challenge of singling out one exhibit, saying that it makes them look more carefully at the artworks on display".

Organisers recognise that the annual exhibition is a good way to make contact with potential new members. The Society runs a programme of workshops and demonstrations, and encourages members of all levels of experience to develop their artistic ability and to show their work. A popular untutored weekly painting session at the Totnes Boat Club will resume in the Autumn. More information can be found at the Totnes Art Society's website,  



Apples by Huguette Standish, awarded Best in Show 2016

Winter Landscape by Colin Drew, Winner of the Public Vote 2016.

Joy Anderson and Neil Wressell


Monday 10th July to Saturday 15th July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Joy Anderson : In my painting I reflect on the energetic forces of the world we inhabit.

Perspex allows me to apply thick paint layers to a hard surface which can then be scratched and sanded away over several days or weeks leaving textured fragments of colour and line.

In my latest work, although I continue to explore paint as layered fields or veils of colour I am now interested in ‘excavating’ or carving-out solid painterly shapes. I am enjoying the process of hollowing out these slab like forms, building within them or chipping away at their painted edges. My work, I hope, reflects on the way in which environments are created, eroded, rebuilt and shifted about over time.


Neil Wressell: In my work I investigate the tradition of the depiction of nature and landscape in art and decoration. This complex historical vocabulary still leaves me struggling to express my own relationship to the environment as an artist making sculptures today.

I experiment with different techniques and materials. Recent sculptures utilize elements of nature or objects found in charity shops, car boot sales or skips. These discarded and ‘devalued’ objects are reformed or fabricated into sculptures, alongside newly made elements.

The act of collecting may take years to build into a work. I also spend hours ‘recrafting or crafting’ elements of the sculpture, carving/whittling, building or drawing with metal wires. Through these playful, often obsessive acts, I gain a deeper understanding of materials and look more closely at the complexity and individuality of nature.

Douglas Bardrick


Monday 17th July to Saturday 22nd July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Douglas is best known locally for his work at Dartington. David Canter brought Douglas in to set up the Cider Press Centre in 1978. As Managing Director until 1984 he fulfilled the Trustees' mission to set up the most prestigious art emporium in the South West. Douglas' varied career includes Manager of Heal’s in Tottenham Court Road and designing exhibition stands for Dunlop. In the early 90’s he set up the Cockington Court Craft Centre. Now retired and living in Exeter, Douglas expresses his appreciation and understanding of arts and crafts through his painting. Having spent his professional life promoting other people’s work he is unassuming about his own, but those of his friends who have seen his painting have encouraged him to mount this exhibition.

Terry Hopkins and Wendy Newman


Monday 24th July to Saturday 29th July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Terry Hopkins graduated with a fine Art degree from Cardiff College of Art in 1972, Wendy Newman with a Fine Art degree in Painting from Ravensbourne in 1978.

Both taught Art and Design at KEVICC for a total of 76 years. And are now retired.

This is their second joint show. Their works goes together well, Wendy's bold, brightly coloured South Devon landscapes and Terry's vibrant abstract sculptures complement each other.

Jane Gabbatiss, Regina Lafay Bellamy, Nick Bellamy



Monday 31st July to Saturday 5th August  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


In early 2009 Jane Gabbatiss and Nick Bellamy met by serendipity at a pottery charity in Torquay. Jane from South Devon had worked with pottery, ceramics, and painting for the majority of her life, both commercially and for her own pleasure. Doing charity work in Africa and Peru further influenced and encouraged her love of colour and life.

Nick came from Manchester where he had spent 25 years as a graphic designer working for a large photographic and design company with major clientele. He left the hectic, stifling life behind to find peace and allow the true artist in himself be free again.

Soon after, Nick connected with American artist Regina Lafay via Facebook . She was a photographer and digital artist, living and working in Las Vegas. Her life as a production artist and imaging specialist in the media had also pushed her to find herself. She moved to Torbay and joined in at the pottery. The following year, Nick and Reggie were married, with Jane in attendance, of course.

Back in 2010 the three artists vowed to hold an exhibition together to show their various artistic passions. Seven years on they have made good on that promise. Passion, Purpose and Understanding will comprise of mosaic, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture, plus three very interesting and friendly creative souls.

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