FOLIL (Roots)

Oil paintings by Paz Treuquil


Monday 25th June to Saturday 30th June ~ 10am - 5pm daily


Paz Treuquil was born in South America, in the territory that is now known as Chile. There she began to paint pictures in a totally intuitive and self-taught way, inspired by the precious symbolic universe, the rites and traditions of the indigenous culture to which she belongs. For the Mapuches, the deep respect they feel for nature is inscribed in the meaning of their own name as a people, composed of the words Mapu (land) and Che (people), that is, people of the land. This cultural premise is present throughout the pictorial work of Paz, marked by a predominance of bright colors that further enhance the strength and power of human representations next to trees, vegetation or wild animals.


    The dreamlike and symbolic landscape that most of his paintings present always has indigenous spirituality as a backdrop, reflecting sacred concepts directed at the hearts of the people of her own people, but that also manage to transmit to the uninitiated spectator emotions that reconnect them with the cultural universe of their most remote ancestors. Thus, there are constant images related to maternity and fertility, ancestral archetypes that express the concept of renewal and cyclic regeneration of LIFE, since the first human cultures began to paint with red ochre on the walls of the paleolithic caves.


Paz treuquil, an indigenous and feminine look that embraces, envelops and submerges us in the indomitable and wild world of the Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth).

Nutopia plus

Raw Art Forum


Sunday 1st July to Saturday 7th July ~ 10am – 4.45pm daily except

Sunday 2pm - 4pm,  Saturday 10am – 4pm


Raw Art Forum came together as a group in early 2016 - four artists with separate and diverse practices. They have worked closely together since the beginning with a view to creating installation pieces for exhibition alongside work from their individual practices. Working together however requires a different approach. Egos are set aside, familiar materials are discarded, and new ways of working are quickly learnt.


The Nutopia installation consists of eleven elements each made up of individual items housed in white display units mounted on cardboard delivery boxes. The Nutopia print suite is produced as a complementary piece to be shown alongside the main installation. The prints are based on the original graphics used on the installation labels.


The concept of Nutopia was that it would investigate the obsessive nature of 21st century consumerism, through an imaginary company fulfilling the expectations of people who want everything and more.

This first collaboration is one that has surprised them, inasmuch that it bears little or no resemblance to their own work - it has its roots in every day consumerism, within which they have created their own ‘medicinal’ product models - their mutual sense of fun has informed this particular collaboration; humour seemingly connects things. They investigate the every day - small things that may, or may not, affect us all.


Alongside Nutopia the four artists will show new work from their individual practice.


Raw Art Forum artists are: Aidan Cooper, Steve Neill, Jennifer Jayarajah, Fergus Cooper

Sunlight in Your Eyes

An exhibition by Totnes based artist Ben Whittles


Sunday 8th July to Saturday 14th June  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


That blissful moment when, with sunlight in your eyes, you look at the endless, ever-changing sea and your heart lifts. The uniqueness of that moment; those key elements of sea, sunlight, land and the people around you combine and connect in ways they never have before, and never will again. In that moment you have the space to stop thinking and start feeling.


In these paintings I have tried to capture and preserve those moments.

Metro & Moor

Susan Williamson and Mei Lim


Monday 16th July to Saturday 21st July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


This duo are returning after their exhibition of art – SPACES & PLACES in April 2017. This year after a several trips to Spain, Portugal and London, Sue returns with a whole new body of paintings rooted in the places she has travelled to – of urban and metropolitan landscape, past and present. Her technique, through the juxtaposition and layering of her subject matter recreates the residual memories and sensations of moving through architectural spaces. The perpetually changing play of light and colour on the array of surfaces she encounters is her continuous challenge.

Mei will be showing some photographs but she has also spent the last 12 months honing her new found printmaking skills and has come up with a body of reduction block woodcuts that portray her love for the landscape nearer home – The West Country, particularly South Devon and Dartmoor. She will be showing some highly complex prints that friends think she is insane to attempt. Each new print is meant to be simpler than the last. But it never is.

Changing Landscapes

Vicky Emby


Sunday 22nd July to Saturday 28th July  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily except Sunday 10.30am - 3pm


Since returning to the south West of England I’ve visited, drawn on location and painted in the studio, many areas around Totnes, Dartington, Little Dartmouth, Dartmoor and Sharpham.

These drawings inspire the canvas painting and the exhibition is part of an on-going work in progress exploration of the changing landscapes that make up the South Hams.

I'm fascinated by the vast sky, the structure of the fields and rocks, the layers that piece together to build texture and colour. My career started in illustration and textile design but now includes watercolour and acrylic painting onto canvas and board.

Dean Prior Life Drawing Group

Summer Exhibition


Sunday 29th July to Saturday 4th August  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Now in its ninth year, this exhibition celebrates the creative talent of the Dean Prior group of artists. Centred on studies of the figure produced throughout the year, the work on display represents the individual artist’s responses to the live model.

The variety and originality of work produced by the Dean Prior artists makes this an exhibition not to be missed.



All work will be for sale.

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