Day of the Hummingbird

Fiona Almeleh


Sunday 23rd September to Saturday 29th September 2018 – Open daily from 10am - 4.45pm except for Sunday 10.30am - 3pm


This new exhibition of Embroidered Textile Art, titled Day of the Hummingbird, represents over thirty-five years of creative romancing with thread - a journey that continues to reveal worlds of untold possibilities, colour-scapes, patterns and textural inter-weavings. In so many ways, this has been my invitation to partner with an inner aesthete and dreamer; resulting in creative meandering on canvas, paper, fabric or any other surface that begs to be included. The exchange is always hand-stitched, organic and unplanned. Hummingbirds have always evoked a sense of lightness, resilience, joy, and delight!

 The work arises from a deep wellspring of love; love for life, nature's beauty, it's detail and wisdom; and a curiosity of the finer realms that overlap our own. Every art piece represents a portal, an invitation with the promise of playful connection and prayerful communion. My story is threaded and patiently stitched into these textural, colour notebooks, where it has been possible to hold a still and focused point of awareness. I really look forward to sharing this work.

A Thousand Names for Joy

Josie Gould


Sunday 30th September to Saturday 6th October 2018 – Open daily from 10am - 4.45pm  Private view Sunday 30th September 5-7pm


I am interested in the primal qualities of being in nature. I immerse myself in the wild places of Devon, to paint en plein air, catching the fleeting, sensory, poetic qualities of light, colour and the raw power and emotion that the elements can bring. This is often not easy. Besides the all too obvious challenges of painting, the powerful and subtle archetypal forces of nature can both affect and be scary. They re-kindle sometimes happy, sometimes fearful, childhood memories of roaming alone on farm, fields and countryside, vulnerable to what man, beast, machine and weather may bring.

In author Byron Katie’s book “A Thousand Names for Joy, How to live in Harmony with the way things are” she writes of going beyond thoughts to experience simply what is, “ reality is simple… it’s whatever’s in front of you, whatever is happening. When you argue with it you lose. It hurts not to be a lover of what is”. Embracing this concept I set out to explore the secluded Moor and coast, those places to which I would not normally go alone. What I found there, when immersed in painting, was a freedom, a reconnection with the pulse of the land. The wonderful spontaneous rhythms and tempos, the exuberant vitality of nature, and a joy that comes with simply being with what’s happening, from the most simple and mundane of moments to the most dramatic. I found that paradoxically there are indeed a thousand names for joy!

Stitched Pattern

Exhibition of Contemporary Textiles


Sunday 7th October to Saturday 13th October  ~ 10am - 5pm daily except for Sunday 11am – 4pm


This selling Exhibition shows the most recent work from the Contemporary Stitch Workshop, a group of textile artists from the South West who work in various mediums ie patching and piecing, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, weaving.

The group has most recently been inspired by ideas about pattern and ornament and have produced work in response to a series of challenges, for example , looking in detail at the work of William Morris and developing their own contemporary designs as a result.

The work is varied, ranging from charcoal drawings and sketchbooks to wall hangings and three dimensional pieces, this variety makes for a lively and stimulating exhibition.

The Exhibition will be stewarded by members of the group who will be happy to talk about the work and give you any further information you might require.  Cards and post cards will be available for sale.

Bruce Kirby


Monday 15th October to Saturday 20th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


An exhibition of sculpture by Bruce Kirby

Peter King


Monday 22nd October to Saturday 27th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Peter King came from a humble background. His Mother worked in a sweet factory and his father worked for the council, so it was quite extraordinary twist of fate at the tender age of thirteen that he was given a scholarship to the Hammersmith School Art. He left at sixteen as he felt that he needed to make a living as a commercial artist, so he hawked his portfolio around London. His talent was quickly recognised and he soon made a name for himself as a freelancer designer and calligrapher. In later years his career took a different turn when he became an art director on several feature films.

He never abandoned his love of drawing and painting, and early depictions of London and the river feature faultless draftsmanship with muted tones and a strong use of light. These pictures created a solid foundation for the work that was to follow.

It was on family holidays driving through France and Spain that he was struck by the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean and his passion for landscapes was ignited. These paintings were the beginning of his exploration of the use of intense bold colours, which would be a dominant theme within his work. But it is through his technique and passionate handling of paint, bold brushwork and richness of colour that Peter manipulates the viewer’s emotional response. He had now found his own vivid truthful style.

Far from softening with maturity, the artist’s palette has become increasingly passionate and free. The wild flamboyance of his art stems not from mental anguish but from the world around him that depicts admiration and joy.

His work is also available for viewing on:

The Day of the (Nearly) Dead

Val Jones Nancy Pickard and Verity Newman


Monday 29th October to Saturday 3rd November  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


At the time of year when the veil between the worlds grows thin, Val Jones, Nancy Pickard and Verity Newman present an exhibition taking an irreverent romp around the certainty of death.

Work from these three established West Country artists will range from the profound to the darkly comic.

There will be prints and paintings, mixed media work, jewellery and ceramics.

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