Pauline Talbot



Monday 14th August to Saturday 19th August  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


I am delighted to be exhibiting at Birdwood House Gallery and to share my work with you, not only to celebrate 10 years since graduating with my BA Hon. Degree in Designer Maker, but also to celebrate a “big” birthday milestone.

As a Devon artist I aim to capture the drama and emotion of what I see around me in this beautiful part of the country. The attraction may be through shape and form, patterns and textures or the transient nature of light and atmosphere. It is the challenge of the capture that fascinates me. I work with a variety of medium, acrylic, pastel and oil, often mixing them to arrive at the desired effect.

I also like to work with natural materials which inspire me to create pictures using a felt making process painting with dyed wool, silk and other materials.

Working with stoneware clay adds another dimension to my work taking the wonderful colourful landscapes and placing these into creative sculptural forms, with porcelain slips and oxides used for vibrancy of colour.

I will be exhibiting a number of my favourite pieces throughout the week, across all mediums, and look forward to welcoming you to join me in this celebration of my work.

Sue Ifould and Gaynor Williams



Monday 21st August to Saturday 26th August  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


A painter and a maker of books

One of the great delights of life is sharing thoughts and ideas in the company of friends. This exhibition springs from just ‘shooting the breeze’ , and recognising that our 'idle talk' is a significant part of our creative journey. Although our disciplines are different we share a spirit of wonder and discovery which has spurred us on to make this show together.


Sue Ifould - painter.

This collection of paintings are landscapes and seascapes - Dartmoor and the river valleys, the coast at Wonwell and the Penwith peninsula. I often return to the same place and draw what I see again and again in different lights and seasons. As I become more familiar with a place I believe my response deepens. I might work on several paintings from one drawing, developing an idea as the painting progresses. 

I am inspired and nourished by my surroundings each and every day!


Gaynor Williams - maker of books

My first exhibition here in Devon has emerged from the fusion of formal training and subsequent practice as a maker and restorer of books in London and Sussex over 20 years, together with the truly inspirational community within which I have found myself in the last three. 

This body of work shows a new confidence in combining material.  For example covers include fish, sheep, kudu, kangaroo, possum and scraps of recycled clothing. The paper content too, is a significant choice. 

Hopefully my joy in making is evident.


Ben Oelmann


Sunday 27th August to Saturday 2nd September ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


I live on the edge of Dartmoor and my work focuses on trees, banks and hedgerows portrayed from observation, memory, photography and imagination. I tend towards seeing the landscape around me in two dimensions, close to the picture plane, like a pattern or map. I am interested in the way that tone, line and texture can work together to produce textural ‘messy’ surfaces. The exhibition includes some more literal recordings of landscapes in East Africa, where I used to teach as well as more experimental pieces where I move between abstraction and representation. I am primarily interested in drawing, using charcoal and graphite. My paintings are also largely ‘drawn’ and I use a narrow range of underplayed warm and cold colours.

Sally Hunton  Helen Melland  Janet Mitchell



Sunday 3rd September to Friday 8th September  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


This is the third biennial exhibition of three painters extending their surreal, symbolic and abstract approaches to painting.


Sally Hunton works on Fabriano paper, covering the surface first with candle wax and scribbling over a layer of paint using oil bars that are then distributed with her fingers. She draws into this surface with a scalpel knife. Her primary interests are beauty and decay, order and chaos.

Helen Melland makes paintings of abstracted landscapes and figures: other realms with open ended possibilities. Ambiguous scenarios, suggestions or resonances with different psychological states leave room for speculation. Her practice is largely intuitive and informed by her experience of the world alongside a sense of other realities. Currently her work has a nocturnal theme, attributed largely to the upheavals being played out around the planet. It can seem like a cliché to say that light comes from the dark, yet the truth that one cannot exist without the other allows night time, as a metaphor, to provide rich opportunity for growth

Helen holds an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University following studies at Manchester, Buffalo (USA) and Chelsea College, London. She now lives and works in Devon.

Janet Mitchell’s paintings are abstract watercolours with fine paper collage. They are about finding a balance of colour and tone making an overall exciting yet calming prospect investigating the daily turmoil of emotion.

After obtaining a BA Hons. in Fine Art from the University of Reading Janet taught art in schools and colleges in London followed by post graduate studies in Boston (USA). She moved to Devon in 2001 to continue painting.

Verity Newman and Jan O'Highway


Monday 11 September to Saturday 16 September  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

An exhibition of art by Verity Newman and Jan O'Highway



Monday 18th September to Saturday 23rd September ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


HANDS, Hannah's Artists aNd Designers, is a group of 15 artists and makers based at Seale-Hayne near Newton Abbot. Their studios are open to the public when the artists are in residence, and a selection of their work is permanently on sale in the main shop, Gallery shop, and they also hold at least one exhibition a year in the on-site Gallery as well as occasional exhibitions off-site.

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