Josie Gould

"Coming Home"

Monday 20th to Saturday 25th February  10am - 4.45pm


This exhibition explores the loss of our family farm, Tillhouse in Broadclyst, East Devon, which is currently being developed as Cranbrook, the first new town in Devon since the Middle Ages. This development of 5000 new homes has involved loss, displacement and disruption for our family and the local community.


We are all affected by a changing natural and social world, forces beyond our control which inevitably cause loss and sadness. Even though I haven’t lived at Tillhouse Farm for forty five years and can no longer remember the field names, visceral responses to the farm are still ingrained in me. Encountering situations that profoundly and strangely affect, such as these odd, intangible sensations, invites reflection. I realised that I had probably experienced similar feelings as a baby waiting to be adopted and these were reactivated whenever significant losses occurred. This brought deeper understanding and a sense of freedom and aliveness. In this way nature, land and place can imprint us with embodied sense memories that constantly hint at, and invite us, to “Come Home” to our full, multifaceted, sense of self.


Josie Gould.


Harry Sowden

As I See It

Sunday 26th February to Saturday 4th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Harry Sowden worked as an Architectural Photographer, photographing anything from an Architect's model to an oil rig. Jobs included documenting the construction of the Sydney Opera House, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the Lloyds Building (London).  All photographed from conception to completion, from hole in the ground to iconic landmark.  Along the way he found his own subjects - resulting in the diverse range of photographs, taken over a 30 year period, shown in this exhibition.

Fiona Almeleh

Coming Home

Sunday 5th March 10.30am to 3pm 

Monday 6th March to Saturday 11th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Having recently arrived in Totnes, I am excited to offer this exhibition of new work, comprising  paintings and embroidery sculpture.


I was born in Zimbabwe and studied Graphic and Fine art in South Africa in the early 70's. My art is organic, intuitive and visionary. Each piece is completely unplanned, as I delight in the process of 'creative unfolding'; a way of expression that continues to invite a spontaneous and powerful awakening. The painting medium I currently use is acrylic on canvas and the embroideries include natural threads and found objects in nature.


Our creativity calls us to surrender and release our identification with perceived reality, and as as we take this leap of faith, we may experience being carried on a wave of illumined truth with the blessing of grace. This is our way home.


Inspired, overlighted beauty - Natalia Baker

Philip Osborne

Monday 13th March to Saturday 18th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


The work is an exploration of a reaction to being in nature using traditional practices, where various media give expression to this experience.


Sculptural reliefs, oil painting and drawing are used to demonstrate an understanding of sensitivity to sea, sky and land, to nature itself.


I hope those who visit the exhibition take away thoughts and experiences that enrich their perception of nature and our part in it.

Louise Bougourd

Shift in Time

Monday 20th March to Saturday 25th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


As an emerging artist I am in the luxuriant position of experimentation; I have worked predominately with watercolours for many years as a hobbyist artist, it is with the advent of time that I am now able to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a full time artist.  This of course does not happen overnight!  I now find myself wanting to use bold, gestural marks to express my response to my surroundings leaving realism behind in the search for impressionism, which has led me to experiment with oil paints; making generous sweeps across a canvas or scraping with a palette knife, adding touches of graphite and pastel. 


I am focusing on a body of work that will reflect my experimentation so far as I seek to convey a sense of place, space and harmony with careful choice of palette and movement within each piece allowing it to have its own voice.  This show will define the ‘Shift in Time’ that I am experiencing and invite you to come along and view my work.


Louise Bougourd

Instagram: louise_bougourd_art

FB: Louise Bougourd – Contemporary Artist

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