Family Exhibition of Art and Music 3 Generations of Expression

Sunday 28th August 2016 12:30 – 3, and 'private' view (all welcome) 6:30pm - 8pm

Monday 29th August to Saturday 3rd  September 2016 10pm - 4:45pm

A child, a mother, an uncle and a grandfather

A man, a daughter, a son, a grandson

A man, a father, a sister, a nephew

A man, a man, a woman, a child


One day I was thinking of our family - dispersed in more ways than one, and yet a whole - I longed for us to express the thin threads that hold us together in an exhibition that would make you think of shared identities, and individuation.

What shapes us as individuals and what makes us a part of a group, any group? Connecting our self expression in one shared space, what will it do to us, make of us, and make of you, who will hopefully come and see us throughout the week. The German contingent of the family is visiting Totnes for this family project.

Carola Buhse:           paintings in acrylic and guache – symbolic and surreal

Rudolf Buhse:           paintings in pastel - abstract

Finn Buhse:           drawings and paintings – attention to detail

Christoph Buhse:           music across the genres of Jack, Rock, Pop, Ambience

Anneliese Buhse:           (the great woman behind Rudolf, Christoph, Carola and Finn).


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3 Media Mix

Sunday 4th September to Saturday 10th September  10am - 4.45pm

Caroline Barker:  Printmaking has become an obsession. Both intaglio and relief prints will be on display as well as my little handmade books with prints and calligraphy. We love coming back to Birdwood such an enjoyable week and often an inspiration for another print.

Diana Booth:  Painting in oils is my passion: using a colourful, bold, contemporary style.  Amazing Devon scenery and travels abroad inspire much of my work.  Garden flowers and seabirds have also proved to be exciting subjects.

Jill Cooper:  I am a textile artist working with my own photographs of the local area to produce 3D images. I also work with commercial hand dyed cotton and machine appliqué to make stylised pictures of the natural environment.





Sunday 11th September to Saturday 17th September daily 10am - 5pm

A return of this ever popular, highly talented group of thirty local artists showing together examples of their work. They previously opened their studios to the public in May 2016.

If you would like to join us please contact Select^øn takes place annually in December.


Totnes Open Studio website

Andy Coldrey

Monday 19 Sep to Saturday 24 Sep  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

The work in this exhibition explores the territories surrounding birth and death. Where do we come from at birth? Where do we go when we die? Do we go straight to the afterlife or do we pass through some interim realm? Mysterious questions, and the paintings shown reflect this mystery. This body of work took shape during and shortly after the completion of the Mentoring Course undertaken at Newlyn School of Art in West Cornwall at the end of 2015.

DISTRACT an exhibition of contemporary and abstract art

by Chantal Ashwell and Sandra Lissenden

Monday 26th September to Saturday 1st  October  ~ 10am - 5pm daily


 Sandra Lissenden.

Sandra has spent many years in London and the Home Counties . But her current surroundings evoke great inspiration with its multifarious coastline and countryside.  Also with  her frequent travels to France and Spain this has created a great portfolio.

Her interests lay in light and atmosphere, in places and objects .  Movement and light are ethereal but can evoke the deeper memory of the initial visual impact.   To explore, expand and develop what is within the subject, colour and texture to excite and move the viewer. 

 Sandra has exhibited at The South West Academy, locally, nationally and internationally.


 Chantal Ashwell

Chantal’s work is motivated by a fascination in to the forces and effects of natural elements and of their intrinsic qualities.  She has been painting for around 11 years and is committed to only producing pieces that truly reflect her observations and perceptions of a subject; to paint with a brave honesty in order to maintain her artistic integrity.  Working in an alternative, abstract style is the only way she is able to express herself freely and with conviction.

The portfolio of techniques continues to expand as she discovers reactions to a developing canvas, both physically and notionally.  Distinctive textural finishes achieved often in unconventional ways combined with some reworking and imaginative “fiddling” with characteristic qualities result in a visual outcome which is both intriguing and provocative.  Seeing beyond the physical representation of a subject is key to her finding an angle of interpretation to explore and progress.

With a conscious decision to avoid formal training, Chantal’s artistic journey continues to move towards a deeper appreciation that the imagination has no boundaries and that depth of emotion revealed through art may be a natural outcome.  Each painting is therefore a creative marker in time and in presence; it is an embodiment of thought and feeling.


Monday 3rd October to Saturday 8th October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Before the invention of photography, the chief function of the artist was to record the world around them in the form of portraits, landscape and still-life.  There have always been exceptions, such as Heironymous Bosch, but even in the Italian Renaissance the gods and goddesses portrayed were usually portraits of the artists' patrons.
 Photography changed all that.  The painter is no longer expected to portray the outside world - although some do, and do it very well,  This leaves us free to paint our dreams, poetry, myths and legends and our subconscious and that is what I enjoy most.
 The materials I use include oils, gouache and collage plus ceramic sculpture which I have been exploring for the past few years.

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