Beverley Bailey

Textures and beyond

Monday 24 October to Saturday 29 October  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Beverley Bailey is a qualified science teacher who has broadened her qualifications to include a city and guilds in textile embroidery and design. Her background includes exploring most forms of art and craft activities such as porcelain doll making, watercolour work, cake decorating, spinning and Pottery. This has provided a firm grounding for her exploration into the use of colour and abstract formats.

She produces exhibition pieces and practical objects such as book covers and jewellery, through the medium of freeform machine embroidery. She is presently working with multi layers of fabrics and threads on a base of modern roofing felt. This gives a hard wearing base to her work. Using common materials in unusual circumstances gives her work an individual appearance.

Her design Inspiration is currently based on natural objects such as flowers, bees and water related objects.

Julia Finzel, Ian Millstone, Bev Knowlden & Elizabeth Hadley

Monday 31 October to Saturday 5 November  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Bev Knowlden
I have always been intrigued by the human form, especially faces. I work to find the very essence of the model and inject that quality into the clay... a wry smile, a pensive look...
The finished sculpts are either fired or moulded and cast in a variety of resins. I'm looking at exploring the boundaries of portrait and figurative sculpting in its traditional sense, with presentation ideas that subvert the classical nature of my work, aiming for a more abstract outcome.


Julia Finzel - Printmaker

I have had a strong connection to animals since I grew up on a farm and have always made drawings and paintings of them. I make etchings, photo-etchings and mono-prints as a more immediate form of printmaking. Through this process, in line and tone I hope to capture the essence of those wonderful creatures. Animal welfare plays a large role in my life and in my work. As the animals emerge in the creative process, I become aware that I am being observed with the same curiosity and humour.


Elisabeth Hadley - sculptor

Elisabeth was born in South Yorkshire, she studied Ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic after which she focused on figurative sculpture at the Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture. She also had a year working for Aardman Animations. Elisabeth moved to Devon in the late nineties, her work is mostly figurative and in bronze. She sculpted the Mermaid in Dartmouth and the Man and Boy sculpture for Brixham which will be unveiled this November.

Contemporary Stitch

Making Sense of It

Monday 7 November to Saturday 12 November  ~ 10am - 5pm Saturday ~ 10am - 4pm


Members of the Contemporary Stitch Workshops (CSW) are a group of like minded people who are interested in exploring the development of artistic textiles. We get together for three weekends each year and are encouraged by Janet Edmonds and Ros Hills in design and production techniques. In a two year cycle we will explore design techniques, (getting messy with paints, inks and glue!) and then transfer those ideas into any textile representation, (embroidery, weaving, knitting, sewing and multi media techniques) Finishing with our exhibition, this year we explored our ‘senses’ hence the title ‘Making Sense of it.’


If you feel interested and would like to explore this side of your creative spirit please email Ros Hills on

The 21 Group of Artists

Monday 14 November to Saturday 19 November  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

The 21 Group of Artists’ annual exhibition at Birdwood House maintains a creative connection with Totnes and the South West that dates back to the beginnings of the group.

The ethos and vision of those with the enthusiasm to set up the group in the sixties still endures today. Members come and go, but with Sally Cottis and Vincent Wilson, who were of the original 21, and are still very active members. We are indebted to the legacy that they, amongst others, embody, and proud - indeed duty bound - to carry that legacy forward.

Experimentation in painting has continued to be the cornerstone of the Group’s ethos. From time to time, as changing fashions in art influence painters, the majority verdict has always come down on the side of new and, if possible, ground-breaking work. The existence of exhibiting groups of practising painters, such as the 21 Group, continues to hold value. Exhibiting together gives members the opportunity to see what others are up to and creates a fertile exchange of ideas.

The 21 Group of Artists welcome you to Birdwood House and their forthcoming exhibition and hope you will enjoy the new and latest work on show.

The Potting Shed

Time for Tea

Monday 21 November to Saturday 26 November  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

I have been privileged over the years to teach what I love and feel passionate about.  These days I tend to teach and work alongside an extraordinary group of women and men dedicated to their own creative process, to working with the knowledge of the hands, to gaining skill however long that takes, and to knowing that in this age of communication what is often lost is the communication with Earth itself.

If you want to get out of your head, work with your hands, work with the soil, craft something… make a pot!

I am not a wordsmith, preferring the language of my hands to the one of words, but sometimes words are needed to describe, however imperfectly, the necessity and fundamental need I believe everyone has to commune with material, with the physical substance of the Earth. 

What better way to do it than to use the material that lies abundantly under our feet in Devon. We are a stone’s throw away from the largest clay pit in Europe after all…

The Pottingshed Collective is an experiment; the vision is to create a community of potters/ceramists/apprentices who are willing to support each other, sharing skills, equipment and knowledge. The path of the Maker is not an easy one but within a supported community it becomes possible and the world needs its potters!

Eating from a hand-made plate, drinking from a hand-made mug is a type of activism and an act of self-love. Faced with a choice between a mass-produced, shipped-across-the-world, dispensable mug and one that has been made for you, touched by the potter’s hand, made with authenticity, love and passion, which would you rather have?

Richenda Macgregor

Devon Weavers Workshop

Monday 28 November to Saturday 3 December  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


This will be Devon Weavers Workshop’s sixth exhibition of members’ work at Birdwood House. The textiles on display will, as usual, encompass a wide range of design, colour and structure, including beautifully handwoven rugs, cushions, bags, shawls, scarves and much more.
Devon Weavers Workshop is a not-for-profit organisation, is self-funding and run by its membership. Tutors come from around the world to teach at its premises near Ashprington, Totnes, resulting in an international reputation for excellence in both tuition and in the standard of textiles produced.
Workshops are held regularly for beginners, intermediate and advanced weavers, with modern equipment readily available thanks to two National Lottery Awards and an Ashley Family Foundation Award.
For further information about the Workshop and its past and future activities visit the website -

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