Elie Fruchter

You already know too much

Monday 23rd January to Saturday 28th January 10am to 4.45pm daily


In this, his third exhibition at Birdwood House, Elie Fruchter presents a mixture of his film/ TV and urban photography, art work and music, to communicate his longing for Home, his parents and his urban roots.


The work on display is a combination of old and new and is for Elie, his way of trying to come to terms with loss, change and the passing of time.

Paula Kendall


Sunday 29th January 10.30am to 3pm  then Private view 7pm and 9pm
Monday 30th January to Saturday 4th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

I am excited to launch a new body of work, all produced in 2016.

I am an Abstract Artist, born in Welshpool, Wales in 1969.

I studied Art and Design Foundation at Shrewsbury Art College and later a degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton University.

Although valuing the Art education I have received, I considerer myself largely self taught through constantly experimenting with techniques involving application of paint and colour interaction. I feel I have arrived at a place creatively where I have developed my own unique style and of course this is constantly evolving.

I am influenced bu Automatic Painting (automatism), natural movement and nature, where I try to suppress conscious control over the conception of a painting, if an image arises that I am happy with, I will develop it as a piece of art carefully and as skillfully as I can, usually making 4 pieces in the same theme, modifying certain areas within the painting and experimenting with colour, I then move on to something new, carrying with me the new structures developed for future reference.

My medium is generally Acrylic and Oil on board, I find board has the durability to withstand the methods I implement in creating art work.

My aim is to keep constantly evolving as a full time Artist and to strive to bring newness and beauty into the world and to maintain my integrity in calling myself an Artist.

Bidwell Brook

Monday 6th February to Saturday 11th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Bidwell Brook is a special needs school in Dartington. We cater for children and young adults with severe and profound learning difficulties, including autism. We are a happy,energetic and diverse community and the arts are central to our learning. Students show real talent and creativity particularly in the visual arts. They have a real voice, lead their own learning and we encourage them to be the best that they can be.

Some students in the F.E department have committed themselves to working towards an exciting Arts Award course from Trinity College. As part of the programme they are required to share their own work with a wider audience.


We wish to showcase the excitement that our artists feel about their work and we are grateful to our students for encouraging us to guide them towards their goals. We have put together a range of mixed media work and really hope you enjoy the exhibition, talk to staff and students and celebrate their successes.

Jenny Quick

Monday 13th February to Saturday 18th February  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


A book came my way last winter. “Boarding School Syndrome” by Joy Schaverien.

It was a harrowing read and released a flood of unbearable memories.
It compelled me to paint as a way through.
The art that emerged took my breath away and the ongoing process has been both very revealing and transformative. 
The colour has begun to return to several hundred cheeks.
These impressions will be exhibited at Birdwood House for the week.
Were you at boarding school? It would be great to see you there.

Josie Gould

"Coming Home"

Monday 20th to Saturday 25th February  10am - 4.45pm


This exhibition explores the loss of our family farm, Tillhouse in Broadclyst, East Devon, which is currently being developed as a new town called Cranbrook. The first new town in Devon since the Middle Ages this development of 5000 new homes has involved loss, displacement and disruption for our family and the local community. However the development of Cranbrook is now also bringing new homes, families, communities and growth to the land.


We are all affected by a changing natural and social world, forces beyond our control which inevitably cause loss and sadness. Even though I haven’t lived at Tillhouse Farm for forty five years and can no longer remember the field names or the names of every animal my Grandfather tended, strong visceral responses to the farm are still ingrained in me. Embodied sensory memories of this sort, experienced as subtle, ephemeral sensations and feelings, are “implicit”, held in the body but although invisible and un-nameable they can still affect us in new and surprising ways in the present.


Encountering situations that profoundly affect us such as this encounter with loss, invite us to reflect on our responses and reconnect with memories, senses and feelings that can help us feel and be truly alive. In this way perhaps nature, land and place imprint us with indelible memories that constantly hint at, and invite us, to “Come Home” to ourselves.


Josie Gould.



Harry Sowden

As I See It

Sunday 26th February to Saturday 4th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Harry Sowden worked as an Architectural Photographer, photographing anything from an Architect's model to an oil rig. Jobs included documenting the construction of the Sydney Opera House, Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the Lloyds Building (London).  All photographed from conception to completion, from hole in the ground to iconic landmark.  Along the way he found his own subjects - resulting in the diverse range of photographs, taken over a 30 year period, shown in this exhibition.

Fiona Almeleh

Coming Home

Sunday 5th March 10.30am to 3pm 

Monday 6th March to Saturday 11th March  ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily


Having recently arrived in Totnes, I am excited to offer this exhibition of new work, comprising  paintings and embroidery sculpture.


I was born in Zimbabwe and studied Graphic and Fine art in South Africa in the early 70's. My art is organic, intuitive and visionary. Each piece is completely unplanned, as I delight in the process of 'creative unfolding'; a way of expression that continues to invite a spontaneous and powerful awakening. The painting medium I currently use is acrylic on canvas and the embroideries include natural threads and found objects in nature.


Our creativity calls us to surrender and release our identification with perceived reality, and as as we take this leap of faith, we may experience being carried on a wave of illumined truth with the blessing of grace. This is our way home.


Inspired, overlighted beauty - Natalia Baker

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