Harry Sowden

Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd November 2014

Harry Sowden, an English artist living and working in Devon is showing his sculpture in Birdwood House Gallery, Totnes in November 2014. An art critic has said of this sculpture:

"This work is a kind of three dimensional jazz, it does not seek to be profound but to be enjoyed."


Richenda Macgregor and Group

The Potting Shed Workshop

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th November 2014



Devon Weavers Workshop ~ HANDWOVEN 
Monday 1st to Saturday 6th December 2014 ~ Open daily 10am to 4.45pm

This will be the Workshop’s fourth exhibition of its members’ work at Birdwood House. The textiles on display will, as usual, encompass a wide range of design, colour and structure, including beautifully handwoven rugs, cushions, bags, shawls, scarves and much more.

Devon Weavers Workshop is a not-for-profit organisation, is self-funding and run by its membership. Tutors come from around the world to teach at its premises near Ashprington, Totnes, resulting in an international reputation for excellence in both tuition and in the standard of textiles produced.

Workshops are held regularly for beginners, intermediate and advanced weavers, with modern equipment readily available thanks to two National Lottery Awards. For further information about the Workshop and its past and future activities visit the website - http://www.devonweaversworkshop.org/


The Button Group ~ Christmas Craft Show

Monday 8th to Saturday 13th December 2014


Claudia Schmid

Monday 15th to Saturday 20th December 2014

Claudia Schmid was born in 1967 Switzerland. She took an Arts foundation course at the Zürich Hochschule für Gestaltung in 1983. In 1985 she moved to London where she spent three years studying dance at London Contemporary Dance School.

For the next few years she lived in London where she worked as an illustrator and freelanced artist. After studying dance and Gamelan Music in Java, Indonesia from1993 - 1996 she returned to Zürich where she continued her visual arts career, creating three books for children, two of which were published by Peter Hammer in Germany. For her book “Schabernack” she received the prestigious Troisdorf award for Book Illustration in 2004.

In 2003 Claudia moved to Totnes, Devon, where she is still living. She has exhibited as part of the Totnes and Dartington open studios yearly since 2009 and as well as at Birdwood House, Totnes in 2011 and 2012. She illustrated Matt Harveys Book “ Mindless Body Spineless Mind” and is working on further projects with the Author. She is also the maker/creator of “Dutzis” which are soft toy creatures made from recycled jumpers.

Claudia has exhibited her work in Switzerland, Germany and England. These words, by Norman Young are a good description of her work: “At the centre of Claudia’s work is the expression of a world peopled with strange creatures who are mostly friendly, amusing and occasionally disturbing but all are decidedly peculiar in the most intriguing of all worlds.” Claudia is interested in depicting situations where things, people, animals don’t always turn out to be what we think they are. By playing with the different qualities and characters of humans and animals alike, visual stories of their relationships or surprising situations arise.



"The Wishing Bowl" ~ Exhibitors include: Geraldine Finnon, Luciana Landoni and Carol Timms

Sunday 21st to Wednesday 24th December 2014 (AM only), Saturday 27th to Wednesday 31st December 2014 (AM only)

Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd January 2015 (open all day)

Luciana Landoni 

Luciana has been making and selling jewellery for a number of years. Mainly using silver wire and semi precious gems. She enjoys capturing the timeless ancient qualities and is particularly inspired by colours and iridescence. Her lino prints are inspired by the journey into motherhood, spirituality, visions, nature and the space between the mundane and other worlds.


Carol Timms 

For me wool is my means of connecting and communicating with the world, assimilating experience, accessing memory, sharing stories, weaving new ones. Heartfelt creating, stitching, darning, re-creating. It's about warmth, comfort, touch, patching, old treasure, new treasure, protection. Bringing out stuff I've squirreled away, shaking it out, keeping it moving, passing it on. With love and gratitude to all my teachers (especially my students), the breeders, the felters, spinners, dyers, friends and family and of course, the sheep.

Geraldine Finnon

I create, as a way of holding conversation between the seen and unseen worlds. Getting ‘down right dirty’ with my materials is my way of beginning.
Raw wool gets me going like good chocolate does, simultaneously soothing and exciting my senses. Clay brings me right back home – heavenly earthed. My work (and play!) is born of an impulse towards wholeness…always.

It’s a celebration of life; a song of cycles and rhythms; a dance of the elements that make up the whole…myth, magic and archetypal tones weave their way into fabrics and fibres as my felt-craft flows with the wheel of the year. I love to craft one-off pieces, which whisper “…anything can happen!...”