Joy Anderson

17 - 22 March 2014

In painting my aim is to create an image which reflects the energetic movement of the world we inhabit. From the molecular level to the seeming tranquillity of the natural world our universe is in a state of flux. A feeling of calm is therefore questioned by our knowledge of constant energetic movement. Perspex allows me to apply thick paint layers to a solid surface which can then be scratched and sanded away over several days or weeks leaving textured fragments of colour and line. Often I apply liquid ‘threads’ of paint as well as layered fields or veils of colour; my intention is to unite these two ‘energies’ and seek some sense of balance between them. At times the free movement of marks is controlled by strict geometry; at other times it is allowed to transgress these boundaries thus establishing chaotic and tranquil territories and a sense of order within disorder. A final tangible ‘veil’ is formed by the presence of the Perspex sheet which when reversed for display disguises the manual process of painting and erasing (which has taken place). What are immediately revealed, however, are those first painted marks or the remaining fragments of them. In addition, the glassy surface continues to be broken up, altered and fragmented by the ever changing reflections of the work’s surroundings.

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Monica Shanta Brown ~ Rubbish

28 March - 5 April 2014

Worn out, disintegrating, once useful - landfill.

Temporary, now superfluous - waste.

Dropped by accident or design - litter.

An Exhibition of things we don’t want

by Monica Shanta Brown

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Amy Chudley and Kath Grimshaw

7 - 12 April 2014

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Canzart - Painting Group~ Elements of Colour

14 - 19 April 2014

Elements of Colour is an exhibition from the South West based collective CanzArt and explores the range of colours found in the paintboxes of the 15 artists. From the intense red carmines and vermilions through the earthy madder colours to favourite blues, ultramarine - a blue from beyond the seas or Indigo which has a beauty and intensity of blue that can only come from India. Each artist constructs their own individual colour palette to fit their particular interpretation of colour, tone, shade and harmony.

Elements of Colour considers the riotous colour of everyday life and the subtle hues of a moody landscape, each painting reflecting the intuitive or deliberate dialogue between painter and scene. The intention always to capture “more than just how it is” to convey feeling or movement, encouraging engagement from the viewer whether it be with subtle brush strokes, strongly coloured under-painting or a bold streak of Cadmium yellow that says all that is needed of golden gorse on a summer day. Each of the artists responds to their chosen subject in a unique way. David Puttock, a figurative painter describes the process of painting as a deeply satisfying journey. Strongly influenced by the impressionists he uses a largely earthy palette of umbers and ochres, paintings are brought to life by the introduction of areas of more intense colour as he captures the myriad effects of light on a landscape.

For Gaye Martin, colour is incredibly important, a passion, not just in painting but in all areas of life. Whatever medium she chooses to paint in, be it oil, watercolour or her recent new canvass - the ipad the colours and tones she uses reflect her outlook. She likes her paintings to “sing out” and for people to feel uplifted after viewing her work. Scott Russell is an eclectic painter in pastel and oil, whose subjects range from portraiture to landscape and still life. Having recently moved to Devon he delights in its energy, atmosphere and stunning landscape, a colourful and inspirational environment. Christine Linfield lives and works on Dartmoor, her paintings are an intuitive response to the landscape and its changing moods, she describes colour as the language of her paintings, intensity and subtleness, rubbed, scrubbed and blended that come together to say something of how it was to be there in the land.

CanzArt is a collective of contemporary artists who live and work on Dartmoor, West Devon and East Cornwall. Established in 2002, their work ranges from the abstract to the illustrative, encompassing sea and landscape, portraiture and still life. Current membership includes professional and semiprofessional artists: Pat Bates, James Burton, Felicite Darwell, Vera Johns, Paddy Langworthy, Jane Leitch, Christine Linfield, Gaye Martin, Clark Nicol, Ian Pethers, David Puttock, Ron Pyatt, Scott Russell, Philippa Smith and Derek Stirland.

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Fiona Green ~ Mixed Media

21 - 26 April 2014

I am drawn to natural form: still life and portraiture specifically, because they are the best way for me to make a statement about loss, memory or hope. Each place I have lived, from my birth in India, and my childhood in Australia, to a settlement in England, has contributed to this multi layered self portrait I present now for the first time in my seventh decade. I had the privilege of learning at Dartington Hall & Corsham where I could immerse myself in art without distraction in the 1960’s as I am again enabled to do, after a long and successful career in education and psychotherapy & to have come full circle! Included are examples of drawings, etchings, watercolours, oils and photographs, as well as poems and textiles. I am a Member of the Chelsea Arts Club – where this show will transfer to and the Society of Authors.

Contemporary Mark-making

28 April - 3 May 2014

We are a group of 6 local artists who explore together the creation of our work – building from quick sketches and rough ideas, into drawings and paintings that capture the essence of our experiences. This exhibition shares what we have learnt about how creativity‘surfaces’.

The Mark-makers are: Andy Coldrey, Jane Ellis, Josie Gould, Sue Kellam, Ursula Livingstone and Anne Pirie.


A Retrospective Exhibition of Work by Heidrun Panther-Guest ~ Not Only Paper…

5 - 10 May 2014

Ceramics - Paintings - Paper Sculpture - (coinciding with the 25th Anniversary of Heidrun's shop PaperWorks)

Still learning and exploring without words: expressive use of tone and form in ceramic sculpture -

representation of nature in painting - exploring the possibilities in the use of paper -

learning the craft of throwing clay …


Jane Faires

12 - 17 May 2014

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Natasha Gowdy - Contemporary Handmade Furniture

17 - 24 May 2014

I have been making furniture for nearly twenty years, the last 12 here in Devon at my workshop in Littlehempston. I use almost exclusively English hardwoods and have built up a collection of timber sourced locally and seasoned by myself – oak, ash and cherry are favourites. My style is fundamentally modern with clean, simple lines and subtle details – a rounded edge, a chamfered leg or carefully matched grain.
There is great satisfaction to be gained from working this raw material into useful, enduring furniture and I strive to create designs that are both original and practical.
This exhibition showcases a collection of my latest work, displaying smaller pieces often made in two’s and three’s, concentrating on the natural beauty of the material and on producing furniture that will sit easily in the home and be used for many years to come.

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