Steve Nayar
Sunday 01 May to Saturday 07 May ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily
Private view
Sunday 01 May between 6pm and 8pm

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Gallery at Birdwood House in Totnes to see local artist Steve Nayar’s latest works of art. The show runs from May 1st to May 7th 2016. Steve likes to work larger than life. His background as a senior creative in design and advertising has taught him how to grab an audience’s attention. This recent series of oil paintings, all a metre square, certainly pack a punch. Each canvas features an animal’s face close-up, but it’s the eyes that stand out and draw the viewer in, hence the title ‘Windows of the Soul.’ From a distance the pieces look practically photographic, but close to, a deftness of brushstroke is visible. The animals appear to have their own personality and the overall effect is one of immense beauty, albeit perhaps slightly unnerving.


Pennie Elfick Jo Dove Penny Price
Sunday 08 May to Saturday 14 May ~ 10am - 5pm daily

Jo Dove
My principle interest is throwing on the wheel using porcelain. I am preoccupied with emulating the state of the wet clay and its softness in the fired piece. To achieve this I make marks in the clay whilst still wet.
The glazes which I make myself, enhance the immediacy and freshness of the process.

Penny Price
I choose to make my mark in metal, predominantly silver. I experiment and explore structural ideals attempting to translate them into wearable pieces. The results are sometimes visually complex, and technically demanding but can also appear deceptively simple and sculptural, challenging our perception of the term `jewellery`.

Pennie Elfick
Primarily a painter, my work reflects the transient nature of light in
the environment. 
I use printmaking as an extension to my practice; to explore different ways of conveying my interest in those fleeting glimpses of spaces found in the environment whether created by light and shadow, man or nature.  The technical side of printmaking is challenging and I enjoy the somewhat unexpected results that can be achieved. 
I use a combination of etching methods, embossing and mokuhanga to create different surfaces. This frequently means using several plates and all sorts of things happen along the way!

Jo Miller, Louise Scammell and Susan Burke
Fur Feather and Fin
Monday 16 May to Saturday 21 May ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

An exhibition of prints.
Three printmakers explore ways of describing creatures of land sea and air. Etchings, lithographs and linocuts showing subtle humorous observation and energetic colourful imagery.

Louise Scammell’s work is influenced by her sea trips on a fishing boat and diving in Start Bay off the Devon coast. She observes at close hand shoals of fish whilst diving, the antics of seabirds and the fisherman’s catch or a lucky moment when gannets plunge into the sea around the boat. I like to work from sketches which capture moments in the field - or rather out at sea!

Jo Miller : Birds and animals have always been my passion, with quite a bit of anthropomorphis and humour thrown into the mix. I trained as a sculptor and have always made prints as well. I like the printing process because the end result always contains an element of surprise. Drypoints are cut directly into a copper plate. The plate is inked and then printed on an etching press. The lithographs are drawn with a greasy substance on a limestone; the stone is then processed with gum arabic and nitric acid, inked and printed on a litho press.

Peter O'Sullivan and John Grice
Monday 23 May to Saturday 28 May ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

John Grice
The predominant focus of my recent paintings has been towards the theme of still-life. I wish to present my images in a grander, more intense light and on a much larger scale. The inclusion of birds in some of the compositions invites a subtly subversive narrative, as the slightly sinister nature of some bird species adds tension to an otherwise peaceful and traditional art form. I also plan to include several portraits of characters from the plays of Shakespeare. The portraits strive to reveal the psychological state of each character by a variety of illustrative means. Birds, leaves, berries and other natural forms act like poetic metaphors and cluster around the head, alluding to an inner world.

Peter O'Sullivan
My artwork is predominantly concerned with recording texture and surface qualities. For a number of years one of my interests has been recording the surface qualities of rock, whether it be the high stone walls or tors of Dartmoor, or ornamental stonework. Having climbed for a large part of my adult life in the South West and particularly West Cornwall I have been deeply affected by the quality of the light and the architectural splendour of the cliffs. I am particularly interested in conveying a sense of dramatic tension and portraying an emotional response to what have been breathtaking visual and physical experiences. Recently I have been making extensive studies of tree bark, particularly those of a screen of Cypress trees situated just above the Tiltyard in the formal gardens of Dartington Hall.


Teign Artists
Sunday 29 May to Saturday 4 June ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

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  Teign Artists website 

The Quilters' Guild
'Inspired by' - An Exhibition by Textile Wizardry
Monday 06 Jun to Saturday 11 Jun ~ 10am - 5pm daily (4pm Saturday)

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The Quilter's Guild