Peter O'Sullivan and John Grice
Monday 23 May to Saturday 28 May ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

John Grice
The predominant focus of my recent paintings has been towards the theme of still-life. I wish to present my images in a grander, more intense light and on a much larger scale. The inclusion of birds in some of the compositions invites a subtly subversive narrative, as the slightly sinister nature of some bird species adds tension to an otherwise peaceful and traditional art form. I also plan to include several portraits of characters from the plays of Shakespeare. The portraits strive to reveal the psychological state of each character by a variety of illustrative means. Birds, leaves, berries and other natural forms act like poetic metaphors and cluster around the head, alluding to an inner world.

Peter O'Sullivan
My artwork is predominantly concerned with recording texture and surface qualities. For a number of years one of my interests has been recording the surface qualities of rock, whether it be the high stone walls or tors of Dartmoor, or ornamental stonework. Having climbed for a large part of my adult life in the South West and particularly West Cornwall I have been deeply affected by the quality of the light and the architectural splendour of the cliffs. I am particularly interested in conveying a sense of dramatic tension and portraying an emotional response to what have been breathtaking visual and physical experiences. Recently I have been making extensive studies of tree bark, particularly those of a screen of Cypress trees situated just above the Tiltyard in the formal gardens of Dartington Hall.


Teign Artists
Sunday 29 May to Saturday 4 June ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

Please use the link below for more information about this exhibition
  Teign Artists website 

Textile Wizardry
'Inspired by' - An Exhibition
Monday 06 Jun to Saturday 11 Jun ~ 10am - 5pm daily (4pm Saturday)

We are a diverse group encompassing many varied craft techniques, two of which are displayed in these photographs. Our skills range from embroidery, felting, (both by hand and machine), beading, patchwork and quilting. This will be our fourth exhibition at Birdwood House.


Martina Glastonbury
Sunday 12 Jun 11am to 7pm then Monday 13 Jun to Saturday 18 Jun ~ 10am - 5pm daily

Artist Statement
I create portraits with a natural, intelligent look, their eyes often revealing compassion and kindness. Some hold a nostalgic atmosphere, some are more direct with the gritty look we carry under our masks. Some are beautiful, some are raw, some both.
Portraits can teach us about the human psyche, our stories and secrets. They are an exploration of private subjects and thoughts. Every day I get a new experience; nothing remains the same. Many times I find my own self in my portraits of others.
There are also pictures of horses, owls and cats that have their own kind of expression. They are linked to my subconscious and have a sense of mystery about them.

About the Artist
Martina Glastonbury was born 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been drawing all her life and had her first solo exhibition at age of 19. She studied for three years at the Gerlesborg’s Art School in Stockholm, followed by a BA in Fine Art in Swansea. Following a period working with 3D animation, Martina moved to Chagford, Dartmoor where she has rediscovered her passion for painting.
“There is something magic with having a real brush in one's hand. The physical process of applying paint creates a unique dynamic energy, impossible to replicate through any mechanical process. I can’t imagine myself ever putting the brush down again. I have a strong desire to explore and it constantly feels as if I have just started.”

Martina’s studio is part of Devon Open Studios in September 2016, please use this link to Martina’s  website.


Totnes Arts Society
Monday 20 Jun to Saturday 25 Jun ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

An eclectic exhibition of work by the members of the Totnes Arts Society


Adrian Baker
Monday 27 Jun to Saturday 02 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

I am a figurative artist, who has a special affinity to the art nouveau and symbolism movements. I studied Art in Cambridge and Bristol, gaining a Fine art B.A.(hons). I have lived in Totnes for fifteen years and during the summer months I do street portraiture near to Market Square. I have had two shared exhibitions at Birdwood House in the last five years and I am staging an exhibition at Jellyfish Gallery Buckfastleigh 13th - 27th of August.