Adrian Baker
Monday 27 Jun to Saturday 02 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

I am a figurative artist, who has a special affinity to the art nouveau and symbolism movements. I studied Art in Cambridge and Bristol, gaining a Fine art B.A.(hons). I have lived in Totnes for fifteen years and during the summer months I do street portraiture near to Market Square. I have had two shared exhibitions at Birdwood House in the last five years and I am staging an exhibition at Jellyfish Gallery Buckfastleigh 13th - 27th of August.

Rob Peterson

Monday 04 Jul to Saturday 09 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

An exhibition of work by Ron Peterson.


Ian Carr
Vita est magna
Monday 11 Jul to Saturday 16 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

My latest work has alternated between two very different media and palettes. A series of pastel drawings form a journey through the spectrum from the figurative to the abstract. Other work, in oil on canvas and board, has moved away from the bright and intense colours I have used for many years to a darker, more sombre palette where images are not always obvious and there is a subtle shift of tone. I have found working in pastel one day and then in oils the next on a larger scale, immensely satisfying.

Ian Carr studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and the University of Manchester. Most of his working life has been in art education in the UK and Zambia, but he has also dabbled in other ventures.
He has exhibited widely throughout the UK. He exhibited and co-organised the immensely successful Bunker Project in South Devon between 2011 and 2013 and in 2015 founded the Salcombe Contemporary Art Fair.


Angela Fahey

Monday 18 Jul to Saturday 23 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily
In my paintings I’m trying to express through colour and form an emotional response to a particular scene or situation, to endeavour to catch that elusive element that first attracted me. While my work is a personal expression of what I see it is, nevertheless, rooted in a structurally observed representation of the subject that I then work to reduce to its basic elements. Buildings and openings create tension and frequently lead me to explore intangible depths through layers of colour which I may then scrape back until the balance feels right. Each painting is a journey of discovery, rarely achieved quickly, and aiming to create a dynamic whole that invites the viewer to consider further.
I am a member of the Totnes and Dartington Open Studios group and have exhibited regularly in the South West Academy’s Open Exhibition.

Ron Moran, Rebecca Baker and Rosemary Ensor
From Life
Monday 25 Jul to Saturday 30 Jul ~ 10am - 4.45pm daily

From Life consists of three Devon artists - Rosemary Ensor, Rebecca Baker and Veronica Moran who all met through a love of life drawing. This is their second joint exhibition at the Birdwood Gallery in Totnes. Although working in different styles and media they are all drawn to natural form, not only the Devon landscape and natural world but the way the human figure fits into it.
Their exhibition is vibrant and honest, set amongst the back drop of Totnes with all its galleries and cafes, how could it not be.

Rosemary Ensor
Abstract paintings are based on drawings of structural shapes in the landscape, details of organic forms and the human figure. Paintings develop from sketches, with a direct response to tonal values, colour and making marks. Images generate their own life on the canvas, which result in a loose, exciting relationship to the original source material.

Rebecca Baker
Bold watercolour paintings of the natural world result from a continuous study of how colour is affected by light. Birds have been a recent project, together with paintings of the Devon landscape using a variety of marks and techniques, developed from very quick pen and ink sketches made on location.

Veronica (Ron)Moran
Line, shape and colour, often taken to the extreme and used to depict everyday objects or sights. Semi abstract paintings playing with light and colour combinations, resulting in something quite different from the actual but still recognisable in their new extreme form.