Calls from the Wild ~ Voices to Be Heard 

Richard Garvey-Williams

1 - 7 June 2014 

Richard Garvey-Williams is an award-winning Wildlife and Landscape Photographer and author of books on photography. This exhibition, which coincides with the release of his new book, uses emotive images of the natural world to raise important questions about the way we view our position and role in this world that is our home.

The work will be presented to take you on a thought-provoking journey via large colour and black & white photographic prints selected to support quotations interspersed amongst them.

Examples of Richard’s work can be seen on his website and he can be contacted via email at or phone on 07704 276637.

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Totnes Art Society ~ Group Exhibition

16 - 28 June 2014


Ian Carr

29 June - 5 July 2014

Most of my working life has been in art education in various schools and colleges in the UK and Zambia, but also as a copywriter, gallery director and mural painter.
My paintings refer mainly to landscape exploring colour and surface. I have exhibited widely throughout the UK and have organised the immensely successful Bunker Project near Salcombe over the last three years.

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From Life ~  Rosemary Ensor, Rebecca Baker & Veronica (Ron) Moran

6 - 12 July 2014

From Life' consists of three Devon artists - Rosemary Ensor, Rebecca Baker and Veronica Moran, who all met through a love of life drawing. This exhibition is a creative response beyond that discipline and where it has led them together and individually. This is their first joint exhibition at the Birdwood Gallery in Totnes. Although working in different styles and media they are all drawn to natural form, not only the Devon landscape and natural world but the way the human figure fits into it.

Rosemary Ensor

Recent oil paintings have been developed from my response to the local environment. The resulting images often engender their own life on the canvas due to the juxtaposition of image, colour and texture, resulting in a very loose relationship with the original source material.

Rebecca Baker

I am a watercolour artist specialising in bright, vibrant paintings of the natural world. Inspired by the Devon landscape, I love bold colour and use it in my painting to draw out the vivid colours of the changing seasons, the bright flowers that are often featured and to explore the more subtle shades in the fur or plumage of animals and birds. Light is a constant influence on my work and as a result every piece is unique, with each painting structured around a single moment in time. Watercolour is my chosen medium because of its magical quality. The translucency that can be achieved brings a delicacy to organic forms and helps to flood light in to the picture. I have attended life drawing sessions for the last 15 years in order to perfect my skills so that I can capture an image with speed.

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Veronica (Ron) Moran

Line and how expressive and honest it can be has been the main driving factor in my 'obsession' especially with the human form. A year ago I started painting in oils, trying to capture light and how it plays across the surface of the body. I work in charcoal, pen and ink, watercolour and oils. I love to try different mediums to keep my eye fresh and my art expressive.

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Dee Tabb & Peter Cheeseman

14 - 19 July 2014


My work mainly consists of interpretations of the human form, ranging from complete figures, torsos and heads. I like to experiment with form, emotion, pattern and colour.

I was an art teacher for many years in Devon and moved to France on retiring. I have had work in two exhibitions in France and continue to teach a group of adults and run residential workshops.


I have been printmaking for the last 10 years after moving away from photography. I had several photography exhibitions in the South West and some of my work was published. I won an award from SW Arts for an exhibition at the Watershed in Bristol.

My printmaking work is concerned with my daily experiences. It is about the expression of my feelings, moods and sensations. My prints have been shown in two exhibitions in France where I currently live.


Ben Oelmann ~ Drawings

26 July - 2 August 2014

I make charcoal and graphite drawings and rarely use colour. I am fascinated by texture and mark making and my work is loosely focused on elements of landscape (remembered, recorded or imagined). It moves between abstraction and representation and I have drawn from my experiences in East Africa and Devon.